Thesis: We need a controlled global economical crisis and it’s a scientific fact.

As I described earlier, I am a victim of a maniac, my mother. Because the maniac among other things prevented me to have money, I am even today (20 Aug 2021) live in one apartment with the maniac. (I rented a new apartment, but because the Internet provider delayed it’s work, I returned back.)

Maybe, I am the most iron (psychologically stable) man of you all (I didn’t became completely mad after all this, and I think even your fiction character Alexey Meresyev from Povest o nastoyashchem cheloveke would think that he catches rabbits on the Moon, not write software, if he would pass through the same situations as me.) Maybe, my personality would remain undamaged if I only passed through hard situations, but I passed also through multiple brain damaged, extreme stress of the brain (overheated computer), extreme huger, etc. So, it’s a fact, I am a damaged person. X-rays didn’t show any brain damage, but my person is somehow damaged.

I can’t correct this: I can’t stop thinking about my mother (that is now in the nearby room disturbing my work with her delirium TV), Russia, and all partners of Russian in my economical oppression. I know it is irrational, but I am unable to stop thinking about this and be nervous. I am not a farmacologist who would invent a pill against bad remembrances.

Therefore, I think, for my conditions to improve, I need a revenge. The psychological mechanism of revenge seems to be this: I cannot make my mother sane, Russians good people, billionaries and governments (and you who would be able to make me non-hungry just by a little part of your salary) that did not pay money for me to exit from hunger non-greedy, because I am too far from omnipotency. But my trouble is offence on my own past inability to control the situation. Therefore the only thing I can do to restore my mood to a better condition is to do somethings other than do good to you, in other words to do bad. I am offended to all people. Therefore, the thing I need to do is to crash the world economy. Moreover, becuase people damaged my brain, for the revenge I need to damage your personalities by my psychological tricks, to feel an adequate revenge. This seems to be the only thing that can make my mood better. It is because you took possession of my life, now I need to feel the reverse effect, to start controlling your life, to make you crash.

Now I can do this easily: I am the owner of this exponentially growing site. I think I will be one of the richest people soon.

You should call the police and arrest me? No. I am the holder of important mathematical ideas, and of a software technology that is the only known technology to pay just salaries and to attempt to reverse global warming.

Politicians call this a fork: If you don’t kill or arrest me, I fail you by my deliberate intention to crash the world economy to improve my mood. If you klll or arrest me, you fail much worse, because you lose my mathematics (that I, unlike business I am still in process of sizing, have already seized control of) and my economical technology to save mankind from complete destruction or eternal poverty.

I know you all are controlled by evil conscience, and nobody will come to me now and offer me his/her house free of presence of my mother to improve my mood even a little. You are therefore a criminal against the world economy. You prefer to feel a little better for fulfilling your hate to me than to save billions or trillions of dollars (it’s not business, I am a scientist, I am already a multi-trillionarie, if to measure not my money but my formulas) by doing me good. I know that your conscience disallows to do good to me and you won’t. I know that I am the only human on the Earth who does good even if I feel uncomfortably doing it.

(It’s the prophecy of the Revelation (Apocalypse), chapter 11.

(21 Aug 2021) I felt some bad smell from the outside of my house. Did my publication of this webpage already crash world economy or at least local economy nearby Ashkelon (despite my site promotion only just started) and is it the smell of a crisis? After feeling the smell for some time, I changed my desires. Now I want to restore what fell rather than to make it fall further. If you know how, contact me, please. I did the first step to put it back: I added this emphasized paragraph to this page.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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