Certainly I do not enumerate all crimes of Israelis, but every of these is surely morally worth death penalty. (I do not claim that this punishment should be applied. Instead, I think it should be declared death penalty and amnested, because justice would require to execute every body who voted for these bastards.)

So the crimes I want to blame them in:

  • They prevent such things as food supply to poors and climate actions (in other words, they are doing a genocide – note that I do know that to think that government members are genocidaires is indecent). Their method to kill people (yes, they are maniac killers) is to assign high price for NGO (Amuta) registration in order to disinform each other that a given person does not do good deeds. (That’s scientifically called “a prohibitive tax for doing good deeds”.) They disinform international funds to prevent receipt grants and doing good things both in Israel and abroad. Well, they could be legally considered insane because they closed their ears: they hear only organizations rather than people and therefore cut off from themselves a part of information. Have you ever heard: Hear Israel! You are unable to hear even this little part of the Torah that says Hear! This also constitutes (clearly illegal) selling the right to have a voice.
  • They disinform robots (scientific databases and search engine indexes) what is investing into fake science that is a form of scientific fraud in order for robots to disinform people by such methods as caste sytem where to asses that a given person has scientific knowledge he/she needs to pay a high assessment price (for the thing called higher education). Again, a violation of Hear, Israel!
  • They for their financial interest disinform people that Messianic Jews are not reformed Judaists. Messianic Jews have all traits of reformed Judaist (such as reading Torah, beleiving in it, etc.) Well, they can choose to use their own criterion of belonging to their liked friends instead of enumerating the list of traits of belonging to a category, can’ they? This is a financial crime, because it controls only economical resources.
  • They prevented many people from studying Hebrew this way: They force to use Hebrew to get a good job, therefore people not knowing Hebrew well can’t afford advanced studing it.
  • They (particularly, former minister of Aliah and absorbtion Sofa Landver) are financial fraudsters: They said to me that Hebrew is easier than English. The fact is that Heebrew has order of 15 times more elementary grammatical classes than English. Hebrew seems for me not as easy as Enlgish but as difficult as e.g. Russian. I studied Russian from childhood and 12 years in a school, they lied that I can learn Hebrew well in just a few months. I (and many others) were deceived by these fraudsters wanting to raise their economy by more workers by lying abuout Hebrew complexity. That’s a again an economical fraud.
  • Personally Naftaili Bennentt is a bastard traitor: I informed him by email about this security vulnerability and he chose to ignore this awful notice, traiting his profession occupation, computer security, in other words choosing the side of a mental damage of humanity, that is of sin. Again, Bennentt is a proponent of mental illness, that’s equal to being a worker of Hitler.
  • They should have forced businesses at very least to label ecologically unsafe products and provide ecological alternatives (such as non-plastic packaging) but they would also force businesses to do this not as an alternative not to be criminals. So, they are like Hitler’s paid generals that don’t want to protect their victims against ecology and weather going worse.
  • They forced me an obviously (even without advanced psyhiatric knowledge that’s obvious after reading a little of psychiatric texts) wrong psychiatric healing, that among other things bringed me to receive a poor disability pension (read: bad food (more precisely, almost exclusively cheap pitas with phalaphel) and damge of health by going by foot long distances instead of taxi + damaging to my feelings living with a woman that did a big violence to me in the past and to keep hearing 24/7 loud delirium of her TV player + forcing me to work for my misanthroping brother who is a strong proponent of violence, etc.) instead of a high quafied programmer’s salary in two ways: 1. by healing me with drugs that caused me all time want to sleep (and no other effects on my psychological space, not counting side effects such as a probability of cancer) and therefore not being able to do work at my best; 2. apparently, they reported my (forged) diagnosis to employers (and didn’t provide me money to hire a lawyer to check if this is a fact) in order for employers to discriminate me. (I think so because of me having been unable to find any job, what could be exaplained by 100% of the employers committing the discrimination crime.) BTW, the diagnosis was forged indirectly caused by the reason of their fraud (see above) about Messianic Jews.
  • Israelis are criminal slaves of Russians: They confirmed the forged by Russians amount of money on my bank account, what consitutes forging financial documents. Russians (incuding high state officals including Yeltsin) in the most evil violent criminal ways violating all laws deprived me of confirming my univeristy study by an scientific degree and of other sources of monetary income than a scientific degree thus in effect forging a sum on my bank account and Israel and Jews use these forged monetary documents for their financial accounting. (In my opinion, the most just legal recompense of them to me would be them investing into my blockchain that sustains justice to everybody.) Also, Israel concealed crimes of Russians (including Yeltsin and his slaves such as Putin).
  • Avigdor Liberman advised to fine poor people for poverty (this kind of fine is called regressive tax, exactly the scientific term used by Liberman). I’d vote for putting Liberman into a mental hospital.
  • Finally, Israelis were a cell in a chain of criminals that stole about $50 trillion.

This situation is similar to the 30ths years story from an alternative quantum reality about Germany: Einstein was put into a death camp, survived (because a piece of paper money was brought onto him by a wind after his prayer for money), fled, but because of hunger he didn’t receive a scientific degree and because all the world was fascist was unable to publish relativity theory in the correct way (because of not having a scientific advisor who advises how to publish), so because of being deceived by “scholars” who mocked that common man for not having a degree, he by a mis-publication blocked development of science. In that quantum world Einstein was the Torah scholar who grasped the lost main principle of interpretation of Torah known only to pupils of the Rabi Gamaliel. But who speaks with Torah scholars? But Einstein succeeded to build a high traffic gazette, what’s next?

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