The Church felt into several heresies about so called fire spirit. This falling away caused a number of heresies: Modern Christians preach a number of economical heresies. It is also is confirmed by the fact that I was not feed by the church members when I was dying of hunger and thousands of so called Christians saw my plea for help in Internet, all of them knowing me as one of their teachers (as Jesus said “You didn’t give me [your teacher] food… go to eternal fire”). It is because you are deluded about money. (I survived because twice I prayed: “God give me 10 rubles” and the wind brought me 10 rubles twice.)

Heresy: If everybody will do well his work at his place, all will be OK.

Fact: The first objection to this heresy: If everybody keeps working as usual, carbon production will keep to go up, and the biosphere and mankind will end badly, with fires and sulfur in HS smell from the Ocean and last resort against global warming H2SO4 sprang in sky by airplanes. The second objection to this heresy: Where have you seen a human at his proper place?

This heresy is useful to prevent revolutions in capitalist society, but that not makes it a non-heresy.

Heresy: God will not account us for what we do on this planet, as we are to go to the heaven anyway.

Fact: (Rev. 11:18) “The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small— and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”

Heresy: I should do my own ministry and don’t meddle in anything not in the scope that God has given me.

Fact: You, the same heretic, also say “I should serve to God, not to my ministry”, pray for you to stop to serve your ministry and don’t understand why you serve your ministry and how to start minister to God. That’s right that you should serve to God not your ministry, and service to God is not limited by any limits, because God is unlimited. God is unlimited, and if you serve to God then your ministry is unlimited.

Heresy: God has created all people equal.

Fact: Notwithstanding that people should have equal rights in a reasonable society, Einstein and a garbage cleaner are not equal. If you need a biblical confirmation: (Heb. 7:7) “And without doubt the lesser is blessed by the greater.” (It tells that there are lesser and greater people.)

Heresy: Belief in money: Righteous people are necessarily rich. Success of a man is determined by the amount of money he earns.

Fact: (Prov. 28:11) “The rich man is wise in his own eyes, But the poor who has understanding sees through him.” Your heresy can be formulated also in another way: “Serve to mammon!” Einstein was not a millionaire, but he was very influential without much money. However, the real argument is: Jesus was born poor and died poor. Definitely Jesus had prosperity: after just a few days after birth he received gold from Magi. Even more “real” argument: we are all not righteous, no one earned the salvation or prosperity. There is really just none righteous people who would be necessarily rich. I am however a firm believer that God gives freely and that if we knew how to pray, a prayer for trillion dollars would be answered overnight.

Heresy: You should serve to your country.

Fact: Service to God is distinguished by that it does not have any borders. You don’t serve to yourself, neither to your family, nor your country but to God only. Countries each serving to its own interest has another name: spiders in a can. What is so special about spiders in a can? No spider survives!

Heresy: Don’t help people by money, they need to raise themselves.

Fact: To raise by himself is the opposite of salvation. You don’t provide salvation to them, if you don’t have it for yourself.

And again words of Jesus about these who didn’t feed [poor] going to eternal fire.

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