There is an old joke that I heard somewhere on the Earth: Jews angered an elf and elf made Jews goys.

I am a past evangelical Christian. Now God gave me a mission independent of the Kingdom of Messiah on the Earth: I to enter a time machine and like Abraham produced Jews me to produce elves (“gods” in Tanakh). All elves, both future and past ones are my descendants.

(Ps. 103:6) “The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.” I was oppressed particularly in this way: Jews caught up fear on evangelical Christian girls in Israel. (How else to explain that only a few Christian women are listed on Israel sections of marriage and dating sites?) For this reason, I am still without a woman (if not to count my Internet remote girlfriend in Kenya). God will execute judgment, won’t He? Jews are in a danger, in the danger of God’s judgment.

Have you guessed what I to say the next? I am an elf, you angered me (not only by separating me from women, but also in other ways described in this site), I made you goys. If I like Abraham go to another Earth, then here is Chaldean Ur, and you are inhabitants of it, goys. Elf, hocus-pocus, I made you goys!

Now all inhabitants of Israel (except of me) are goys. Justice of God won.

In this article I explain that the great priest (ha-koen ha-gadol) accordingly Torah must be a goy. Because the prophecies came on me, I know that I am a descendant of Aaron and am the ha-koen ha-gadol.

But the “elvian” anger of God to you continues:

(Prov. 18:19) “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.”

I am going to mow down from the temple service. (I am not a Jehudi, why would I want to do this service?), because I am really gadol (great): I am going to do instead an math/IT project for the Galaxy.

That is the punishment of the Jews who offend goys.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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