We know that all God is presented in Torah: God is reading of Torah.

Torah was originally written without vowels and, apparently, without spaces.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth.”

Without vowels and spaces Gen. 1:1 can be read instead: “In the beginning god of the Sea created himself.”

First, how can someone create himself? As I explain in this article, it happened in a time loop. In a time loop somebody may be his own descendant, create himself, etc.

So, how these two different translations (about God and about god of the Sea) of Gen. 1:1 may agree? Remember that God is reading of Torah, that repeats infinitely? In the same way, God is the repeated story of god of the Sea. God is infinitely repeated story of gods (of the Sea) that every time create themselves.

Thus, god of the Sea is an intermediary or a middle between God an Torah: god of the Sea is repeated reading of Torah, and God is the repeated story of gods that happen to create themselves.

As I explain in that article, as a reward for my service to God, God will send me to the past and make me Apsu, god of the Sea, and I will create myself. (Don’t mind that in the Shumerian legend Apsu is killed by his children: my memory will live forever in my children, gods.)

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