Our mission is to enter into the time machine that comes to Jerusalem and land to an ancient planet to build there a super-civilization.

These who will enter into the time machine and our children are called “gods” (because accordingly Rev 11:11, spirit of life of God will enter into us), or Nibirians, or elves.

That super-civilization that we are to build is called “glory of God” (see Rev. 11:13: We “gave glory to the God”). God exists as a mathematical object eternally, but we are yet to discover Him, and to build His copy in the physical universe.

We will come to the flight on time, because this already happened (It’s a time machine.), but nevertheless to be on the flight from Jerusalem, we are to prepare Israel visas, our knowledge, and tools that won’t break (We are the survivors on another planet. We won’t experience hunger, because it flows with milk and honey; but we are to prepare to a tremendous trip.)

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