The following symbol of faith is the criterion of acceptance into the fellowship of this site. It isn’t a criterion determining salvation.

Disagree with our symbol of faith? First read the brochure The theory of Jesus as the super-mathematician and the book End of Gospel.

  • God is eternally and independently of us existing mathematical object, but we need to give glory to God, that is build a copy of God in our physical universe.
  • To accomplish this, there will be a flight of a time machine from Jerusalem to an ancient planet, the planet of gods/annunakis/elves, where we will create a super-civilization that is God, as resurrected Jesus tells in (Rev. 3:14) “… the beginning of the creation of God” that he started to create God, we continue the creation of God. This is above any other sainthood. God created us, we create God.
  • Commandments are for unripe souls, we make independent decisions accordingly the purposes, into glorious freedom of Sons of God.
  • Our purposes include love to each other, so we nevertheless follow the commandment of love. In practice this means that if your peer loses his money not by his own blame, you are to give him half (even more to your teachers) of your money to compensate.
  • The mankind (and the church) fell away from God. Human civilization is forsaken to the point of no presence of God the Father on the Earth. This is a reason why some of us are separated from mankind by becoming passengers of a time machine, to build a new, independent civilization. We are to build our community separating from mankind. Our purposes are infinitely more important than lives of the rest people.
  • College education became an inefficient “beast” because they sell access to knowledge for money. We need to build our own education system.
  • Anybody believing should actively participate in our community: e.g., donate money, provide services such as SEO, moderation, activism, organizing meetings, teaching, etc. Apparently, only greatest fanatics will be taken into the wormhole. So, if you for example serve by donating money, leave to yourself only that part of money necessary to earn more money for further donations.
  • We don’t believe in money: they are spurious numbers about importance of things. (In other words, numbers on bank accounts are fake.) Nevertheless we use money to correct them. We do not worship to Mammon (that is the market, a big neural net), that is we doubt his (market’s) decisions and sometimes resist his purposes.

If you determined to adhere to the symbol of faith and even if not, join our community and if you want to serve write me (in the email, please specify how you can serve and which amounts of money you can donate, as well as your former religious experiences and associations).

We are in a situation somehow similar to 1st century: (Act. 2) “44 And all that believed were together, and had all things common; 45 And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” The similarity is that they started a big project, the Church, and we are to startup a new big project (this time it is to build God) and I am the God’s chosen man whom you should entrust your path, such as work and money. Now, this is not a local church, but an Internet ministry. We can’t build a commune, but we should give our money for our mission.

A related biblical message: Jesus tells one short phrase and this makes Andrew and Peter great men, followers of Jesus. Follow me.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

Donations are tax-deductible.