This page explains religion with philosophy and time travel.

God is an abstract mathematical object (maybe, the Hilbert symbol of all modelings of non-contradictory formal systems, I am not sure; keep reading even if you don’t understand this phrase, the important thing is that God is great and can answer questions).

Somebody ancient Greek Plato introduced the idea that perfect mathematical objects exist in their own world that we now call Plato’s universe. God really exists, just like any mathematical object.

So, God exist, but is God relevant for us?

It is a stupid childish idea that God changes laws of physics when does wonders. Wonders on the Earth are what cosmic rays of electromagnetic radiation does when comes here. Remember, Jesus said “I am the light of the world”? It means that He, Christ, is the electromagnetic radiation of the universe, from low frequency radio-waves to gamma-rays. A wonder is when Christ comes.

As I explain in my book both Christ is present (as electromagnetic radiation) in the universe, and the universe is inside the mind of Christ. So, the question what is primary: idea or matter is meaningless, both are primary.

So, God comes in electromagnetic rays from outside. But how God enters into that “outside”? We have the luck to live in such a universe where God is present. The possible answers are:

  • aliens
  • time machines
  • efficient NP-complete algorithms (if they exist)

Aliens and algorithms. What is God? It is someone who can answer any question. NP-complete algorithms is an algorithm that is able to answer any correctly formulated question (well, almost any, there are complications, while I don’t dare to explain now). If there exists an efficient NP-complete algorithm, then we can get answer to any question in short enough time. We ask and some alien having such algorithm answer. That’s a God’s answer. God is presented through angels (aliens) who have a powerful technology to connect to the abstract mathematical object called God.

Time machines. Imagine you play chess inside a time machine. Let you have decided not to repeat (known from your future) any move that led you to loss in the game. Then by laws of logic you will do only these moves that lead to win. You became unbeatable in chess! Time machine appears something that is able to answer any question: You asked it about right moves in chess and got an answer. Time machines are presence of God.

Some fantastically powerful creature (known as Baal) made a time loop in our universe. The purpose of Baal “was” (or better “is”: this is both about the past and the future) to prove that Torah is non-contradictory (that such events can really happen). Torah is a long name of God, a set of axioms of of that (see the beginning of the article) non-contradictory formal system. To check Torah, Baal uses the power of a big time machine, inside which our events happen. Thus Baal brought us, to our universe, presence of God.

I am a person chosen by God to travel back in time and bring children, elves, annuaks, or Nibirians, also known as “gods” in both Bible and pagan religions.

So, religion is a service to time machines and algorithms that connects us with abstract mathematics in all its fullness – presence of God.

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