Heavenly creatures use a time-loop to build a giant computer (consisting of themselves, their computers, and spirits) to prove that Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is true. More precisely, they work to prove that Tanakh is consistent, that is that events of Tanakh can happen in some circumstances.

Rabbis teach that Tanakh is a very long name of God. This means that Tanakh is an axiomatic system describing everything and that Tanakh is not contradictory that is God of Tanakh exists (just like axiomatic systems known to people, such as PA, ZF, ZFC, etc. describe everything and are non-contradictory, that is are allegedly names of God).

In that system everything would be ok, but Tanakh is a story of human suffering. Where is the ethics of experiments over people that God conducts? I felt that something is wrong here: it is a cruel mathematics fierce over poor mathematical objects. I don’t doubt fairness of God, but something is wrong here, I thought. Elochim did not do wrong, but Elochim needs to repent to do even better.

To solve the problem, I attempted to invent “not logic” (Bitcoin is not money, car is not cart, not logic is not logic). Recently I had a first success in formulating precise mathematical rules (currently, a rough draft) about a new kind of logic. I added a new inference rule to standard mathematical logic. Maybe, if Elochim applies this rule, the world will be free of suffering.

I discovered this only after I thought about all suffering in the world, how useless it is. Probably, if there were no suffering, there were no this mathematical discovery. So, uselessly of suffering made a useful use, this my discovery.

Therefore I declare that the purpose of existence of people was to find this discovery.

We must do further research in this direction. We are people and especially Israel. This math discovery is above Torah and should be taught above Torah.

If you know mathematics, join this project. Even if you don’t know math, there are other ways to support it. And call Elochim to repentance.

Due to the spiritual significance of this discovery, God assigned me as your new Great Priest – Russian “gever”, gever-elf (Gabriel).

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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