Leviticus 21.

☑1 And the Lord said to Moses, saying: Tell the priests to the sons of Aaron and say to them: In [dead] the souls of their | I am not a Jew according to [the] halakha (not sure: my grandmother cheated on my grandfather with the Jew Bimbat). Is a great priest supposed to be a Jew according to Halakha? Idiot, the great priest must be a descendant of Aaron.

☑2 except in their neighbor’s home, by father and mother and sons and daughters, and brother.

☑3 and the sister of a girl close to him who is not given to her husband, regarding these will be desecrated. | Bastards, you didn’t give me my girlfriend. I have intimacy with the person closest to me, my girlfriend, through telepathic communication. You bastards, still haven’t given her to me. That’s why you’re defiled by my penis.

☑4 Will not be desecrated suddenly by his people in the desecration of him. | I’m a great mathematician, so you’re greedy pigs to me and I don’t have sex with you. I have no confidence in you and do not believe that condoms reliably protect against diseases.

☑5 And the spit will not have [on] their heads on the corpse and the appearance will not be found and their bodies will not be cut by cuts. | Can a religious Jew do that? I’m not observing.
☑6 Separated they shall be to their God, and shall not defile the name of their God; for the sacrifices of The Lord are the gifts of God they bring and will be holy. | See my article about me going with my girlfriend on a journey into Elohim – we are separated by God – our God – that is, our copy of God (God is one, but there are many copies of Him) that we will build in the galaxy (of course, not all of God, because God is infinite, but our part of God is very large), because He is reeling from our God – that is, It is our copyright property.
☑7 A woman who is a separated or a defiled woman will not be taken and a wife who is expelled from her husband; holy he is to the Lord his God. | My girlfriend can show evidence that she is not divorced. By the way, after I quarreled with my girlfriend decided: all women are prostitutes (It’s true: you do not love me – the main carbon accounter and the best mathematician and philosopher in the history of mankind – so you should all be considered prostitutes: you love billionaires, I am richer in my knowledge; Torah calls prostitutes who do not like knowledge), I will have sex with a prostitute: I can not find a wife, but I did not bring it to the end: the prostitute spent all my money in the account of the sexual messenger with her delirium and I abandoned her.
☑8 And he will separate him, this one brings the gifts of your God; will be separated because the separated I am the Lord sanctifying them. | I am separate from everyone – I am, in fact, a hermit, not a member of any community. I am separate from the scientific community and from religious organizations. The Lord is separate from you. My scientific research is a gift (free work) of the Lord your God. From my brain will come the mathematical economic concept of the elves, which is called by the word “Lord” – Eternal and Almighty. I am separated by “becoming” (an inaccurate word) the Lord (as it is written: “the saint (that is, I) is the Lord”) – that is, the Lord will enter into the galaxy of the past from my head, I am making myself God.
☑9 And the daughter of a man priest, if she desecrates [for] adultery, she defiles her father’s name; she will be burned in the fire.
☑10 And the priest of the great of his brothers, who was poured on the head of the anointing mass and reached to put on clothes, will not open his head and will not pull away his clothes. | By the time I reach the goal of putting Mercy on, I will have to hide the knowledge in my head because my level of knowledge is dangerous to humanity. And how can I not pull apart the tissues of my girlfriend’s vagina if she is a virgin? The correct answer is that she is not a virgin. The interpretation that a great priest should marry a virgin is wrong: I will not tear her hymen because it is already torn. I also not to tore foreskin, that are clothes for my penis. Only a goy can be ha-koen ha-gadol.

☑11 And for every soul he shall not enter, according to his father and not according to his mother, he shall not be defiled; | A great priest should not touch dead souls.

☑12 and from the saints he will went away and not defile the sanctified God, because the holy oil anoints of God on him; I am the Lord. | Have you seen me jump over Ashkelon’s bardurs not on a vertical parabola? I am anointed by God: I will reveal God (a mathematical concept, eternal and omnipotent) and bring God into the past – this means the words “on me the anointing of God.” Accordingly Tanakh, who has anointment of a king become a king, who has anointment of a prophet becomes a prophet. Whom becomes one who has anointment of God?
☑13 That’s wife, without of sex among the people, will be taken her; | Nahon, I have sex with my girlfriend by telepathic connection, because you bastards have blocked. I “have” her without sex. A great priest must take a wife from his people. I am the greatest mathematician in known history, chosen by God to enter the time machine Gabriel (the gever-elf is a great man who without pills can erect a dick for an hour and a half) and become the ancestor of all the elves – the Niberians (the pagans call my planet “Nibiru”) – the instrument of God, with which He created the Earth and people. So my people are the people I’m going to create. “Adam” does not mean, apparently, a biological species, but human rights – recognition as a rational being – and Adam, apparently, was a Negro, Eve – a Negro, and they lived in Kenya – it was there, according to scientists, that the first people appeared. My internet girlfriend is a Kenyan and, whether you like it or not, I will take a wife from my people, the people we will create. If you hinder our love, Israel will be destroyed: I am great (so says the Torah) and more important than all of you. Nahon, I have sex with my girlfriend on a telepathic connection because you bastards have blocked.
☑14 the widow and the exiled and defiled and depraved, these will not take, but rather the girl from the people will take him as his wife; | My girlfriend is not a widow or a divorcee. My girlfriend will not come to Israel for political refuge (not “exiled” because she is not the Ethiopian you give asylum to).
☑15 and his seed will not be desecrated among his people; I am the Lord who sanctifies him. | I’m a great mathematician, so I think you’re pigs, scum, I don’t want to have sex with you. Or, “I’m God separating him for special work” – This means that the Lord has separated me from the scientific community for non-scientific research and my scientific/non-scientific blockchain to save you from your economic disaster. Special work also means sex on Nibiru to give birth to elves, says Torah: my special work is with sperm – I am the penis of a self-copying God.

☑20 or hunchback or peeling or hairless eyes or a person who, if there is cruel or lichen in it, or one testicle, | My nephew has one testicle rotted and I don’t.
☑21, whoever has a vice in him, from the seed of Aaron the priest, will not come close to offer sacrifices to your God; for the vice in him, the gifts of God, will not be suitable to bear. | “I, the Lord, have separated the high priest for his special work.” I’m the only person who works, and I don’t get paid for my work – my job is God’s gratis gifts.
☑22 The gifts of God are holy of holies and from the saints will be eaten; | The great priest is also called the holy of holies – yes, I now despise the saints as inferior creatures because the saints are the guardians of the genitals. That’s why I’m chosen to become an elf. We elves will “eat” your “shrines”: you are lower beings who have worked for us – that for you are shrines – for us are just the economy (“food”).
☑23, however, will not approach the veil and will not approach the altar, because he has a vice; and he will not defile the holy God of him, because I am the Lord who sanctifies them. | I have a vice: my mother, dead soul, (the same disease as Hitler?) squeezed my penis for about 5 years, and I have an abnormally strong sex desire.
☑24 And Moses said to Aaron and his sons and to all the sons of Israel. “And the Lord said unto Moses, saying, ‘Say unto the priests the sons of Aaron, and say unto them, ‘In [dead] their souls they will not be defiled in their people except in their neighbor’s home, according to their father and mother and sons and daughters, according to their brother’ | A great priest should not touch dead souls.

  • If you read without vowels, “The great priest … he will not be in Perm” – I’m from the city of Perm.
  • And you can translate: “The great priest … he won’t be in a gap” or “He’ll fix the gap.” I am a great mathematician – the author of discontinuous analysis – I have eliminated the “gap” in mathematics. But I have long been in a break (“gap”) with Russia, in a break with Israeli society and in a break with the scientific community. This, too, is about me. Psalm 118:22 “The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of singularity.” also tells about my research on singularities.

Leviticus 10:

4 … Come and take from your brethren on behalf of the saints from the congregation of | God’s words “take on behalf of the saints” mean that I am no longer a saint: I do not keep any commandments and live according to my mind by the goals that I set myself, I am a person chosen to become an elf. When I was a Baptist, I called Baptists brothers, that is, I was taken from a congregation of Baptist brothers and ceased to be a saint (taken from the saints).

6 “and there will be anger at the whole society” – Nakhon, I cursed all of the humanity, cursed Israel and the church for not publishing my scientific work (which is with discontinuous analysis): it is too long (~400 pages) and does not meet the standards of scientific journals in length – so I decided to kill all people.

6 “seraph, seraph of the Lord” – read on the same site my revelation about what the words “I am a humble seraphim” mean and my lecture on the mathematics of humility on YouTube.

6 “And your clothes will not tear” – again about my girlfriend’s vagina.

7 “You will not die” – I am controlled by a time machine, and therefore I will reach the goal and can not die (more precisely, me and my girlfriend will be killed by an alien, but in three days we will be resurrected). “The oil of the Lord’s anointing on you” means that on me and my girlfriend the energy of the Lord is creating an economic mathematical concept of elves, which is called the word “Lord” – the Lord He is eternal and omnipotent. And I said in my YouTube channel that my cells turn into infusoria and infusoria and bacteria brought me oil from Ashkelon’s well accidents through the air, because you did not give me money for good food.

7 “And they did as the word of Moses” – we will write the Torah in the past. Moses is the author of the Torah, my girlfriend and I are the authors of the Torah, we gave it to Moses. I’m going to explain that to you later.

9 You will not drink wine and the siker, you and your sons after you, when you enter the congregate of the testimony, or ye shall come to the altar, and there is an eternal establishment in your generations. | I don’t drink. And I also refused eucharst (saints take communion, and I am the saint of saints). Elves will never drink poison: we are not human beings and do not want meaningless stupid pleasures, and in fact, I once mistakenly tried alcohol and I did not like intoxication. I said we can’t die – we’re immortal by a time machine.

And the main argument:

11 And instruct the children of Israel entire the laws that the Lord said to them through the hand of Moses. | I am the author of the correct application for learning the Tanakh! I am your teacher, I am the only teacher of the entire Torah. Look: through the hand, not through the mouth – we are talking about the written Torah, not about the oral – only I teach the written Torah, so only I am the genuine great priest.

Not only that, the whole Torah is about me: it’s because I’m anointed for God.

If I indeed cut away foreskin of my penis (I have phimosis, a penis diseases requiring circumcision) then apparently I could not be the great priest anymore. Maybe, that would be good: somebody other would be even a greater priest than me.

Conclusion: You mocked the goys. I ate falafel and walked by foot through the city. There is a great mathematician – an elf, Now goyim (not elves) are you. God is on the side of all the offended, and you didn’t know? You yourself almost ruined yourself completely conflicts with the mathematician – you, people, love yourself, are guided by humanity, and therefore associate, as schizophrenics, scientific works with authors – having quarreled with a mathematician, you quarreled with mathematics, and therefore with God – now you die and only I, the great carbon accounter, can save you.

God also called me a pastor over the whole earth. About it another time: I’m very tired.

By the way, there are many prophecies that Mercy will be either the prime minister, or the president of Israel, if not the ruler of the entire Earth:

Oh, by the way, contact me to invest into my blockchain and carbon accounting. Uh, Do you know what happens when there is no carbon accounting? According to scientific evidence, fire and sulfur (in two forms: SH and H2O + SO2 ⟷ H2SO4) occur. Torah: “And there will be a veil over all honored.” – does this mean that your unwillingness to cooperate with me will lead to the fact that only Jerusalem will remain of mankind under the dome against sulfur and with a huge refrigerator… and you fleeing to Mars after 1000 years? By the way, Lucifer will sit on a namely carbon chain for 1000 years (he breaks steel easily).

5 Nov 2021 – the war of Israel with Elochim

Now, there is a strong noise, surely not tinnitus, an obvious attack on me masqueraded for tinnitus. The false scientists are using to masquerade their vice the popular legend that if a human hears a noise, he is a psycho.

Now, there is exactly this, Israel’s attack on the Great Priest, a war of Israel with Elochim, the first one in modern history. (Elochim is a mathematical model, almighty and eternal, you in stupidity are making war with mathematics and don’t hear mathematics – hear Israel.)

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