My conversation with some Jessica who claims to be one of two witnesses of Apocalypse in her YouTube channel. I started to write about myself, then she replied, etc.

Probably she is a high qualified actress who imitated a real crying in her YouTube channel. Most likely she took some of her ideas from my video blog.

Yesterday 12:28 PMI wrote it on YouTube, but this was deleted. If you deleted that, it’s useless to write again, but it may be deleted by YouTube.- While 17 years old I became a superman with computer brain. I was able for example to move my hand so fast that it flamed of the hit by the air (but didn’t burn). I was a computer about 1 month.
– I lost the power and was driven to hunger (my teeth crashed, my eye became flat, etc.), beaten by head, etc. by my mother.
– I discovered several times more fundamental math theories than any other mathematician in History (except of Jesus). So I am the cleverest human in History. I did publishing my discoveries in a wrong way and so blocked further development of science.
– I cursed Dislike button (as well as just not pressing Like) in my “I sue mankind” YouTube channel: – so I call entire mankind to a lawsuit before God for me to receive an infintie compensation from God for my infinite stupidity that controls mankind. So, I am a witness.
– BTW, I asked God for 1/2 of His Kingdo- So, for me Gospel was a complete failure. I realized that God will reward us accordingly the harm (failed projects) caused by religious discrimination and the commandments of Jesus were specifically constructed for us to be hated. So, I am no more allowed to follow Jesus as now I know it is harmful. I follow Father as Jesus said “Not my will be but yours.”- How is JT? Is he alive? Is JT your husband or brother? (You mean, spiritual brother?)- Jesus came to make a revolution in heaven against Gospel, showing that it may fail. I am the example of this failure.12:18 AM

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  • Hello. It’s very nice to meet you.
  • Hello. I thought and “felt” (cried) today much:I’ve realized why God didn’t speak to me: My purpose was to receive a compensation for stupidity. So if God spoke to me, I would conclude: That’s not stupid, therefore I won’t follow it. Then I started to think in a new way.
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  • Brilliant
  • I told you I am a greatest mathematician of all time (well, just in one (however very important) aspect: the number of fundamental math theories I discovered). Now you should believe me: no down, no paranoid, no schizophrenic may invent such a nonsense, only a real mathematician. AFAIK, Balaam was a much greater prophet than Moses, but only a donkey could stop him. I was stopped by the (mistaken) thought that I lost almost all my money, $11000.This caused me to start think anew. (The money seems to be fine.)So, I realized that Gospel is a good strategy for those who don’t lie. (I think, the Gospel is exactly mathematically the best strategy for a person that does not lie.)Because of its name “correct news”.So, I concluded that as much as I do not lie about a particular issue, I should use Gospel.But then I realized: I am going now to become half-saint. Like saint in a church (I proclaimed that I excommunicate the church from me, but I may try to go there again.) and not saint in the rest.I realized that’s exactly a well-known bad thing.Now I think so: I rejected Gospel and this was the right thing to do: I was beaten to mind damage for following Gospel. What good in losing mind and becoming a maniac? (Soul is not independent of the brain: it’s like a brain backup copy or the radio waves from the brain in space.) Then:I should not reject it completely but start to practice it again. And I should make it grow during time until complete light.That seems for me the correct solution of the problem that both following the Gospel and not following it is a problem. Need to take a middle and gradually grow it reaching 100%.My situation now: I damaged world economy and worse science, recently I have cursed several people (including Putin) to die. Putin vaccinated recently, but it seems he is too late, now he is likely a COVID-19 victim.BTW, “Let it be coronavirus” (or have I said “I want to be coronavirus”) is my old curse.
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  • COVID 19 is selecting those to infect. My family and I can not be affected by this plague
  • My purpose to kill Putin was to make proof that I am a real prophet and thus raise enough attention and money to my crypto project so that it would be enough to calculate its performance and prove I am to have a multi-trillions dollars salary in my kind of economy, to say to God: I proved that I am worth (say) $20 trillion salary and like world should die for not paying me.BTW, how is your husband? If he is alive, I now can again pray for him rather than I would probably pray against him, if the donkey would not come.Jessica?It’s very clear: I caused the disasters by applying Gospel (the good news technology) to my self-contradictory (I even knew it’s contradictory) religion. So I used an alien technology to spread bad (untrue and harmful) news.It’s powerful and can devoid mankind of science and salaries.BTW, my math discoveries are entirely for use faith in Gospel in mathematics.God is not a mathematical equation.
  • Although God is math itself.
  • God is intimacy. And he does not have anything to do with money or the love/greed of it.God does not need money to accomplish his will
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  • You can not “prove” you are a real prophet.
  • We either are or are not.
  • Son is mathematics, Father is mathematics that discovers new mathematics (produces Son). So Father is in a sense computer science.
  • I am a prophet not because I have need for anyone to believe me, but rather I am a prophet because god chose to give this to me as a gift and part of intimacy with yhwhYou must have Holy Spirit
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  • Angels use numbers to speak, lead and guide us through the heavenly realms.
  • I had some big prophetic fails: in particular, I predicted that 1000000 people city Perm will be nuked “before the end of the Autumn”. Later I was so much offended that called God to harden the revenge to Russia: I said: let they won’t be saved: let be no nuclear war that they don’t believe in truth, and let me be counted a false prophet.Looks like today I receive Holy Spirit again. I do pray in tongues (now rarely), but I am more inclined to believe a Baptist saying he or she has a strong presence of Holy Spirit when he or she cries (like me today) that a Charismatic who says “I have Spirit because I pray in tongues”.How did you decide you are a witness of Apocalypse?I wanted to prove that I am a trillionaire, because I wanted to sue mankind by God for God to pay me an infinite compensation for my stupidity that controls mankind’s science development, for me to get an infinite compensation: half of the heaven. Rev. 11 says kinda that two witnesses become heaven.
  • I did not decide. YHWH has literally called me and my husband through bloodline. And supernatural.
  • Speaking in tongues should be a daily part of your christian walk with yhwh.

I have “ears” to hear into heaven whatever yhwh would speak.

I have been given MANNA.

The 2 witnesses of the apocalypse are none other than Christ himself but he has chosen to dwell as one within my husband and IIt’s a matter of revelation being give and intimate wisdom.I am able to see and search the depths of a mans heartOnly because the spirit of god is able to search the depths of yhwhs heart. Therefore, I have been given that strength and power as well

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  • Being smart has nothing to do with being the 2 apocalypse witnesses”
  • The 2 witnesses of the apocalypse are none other than Christ himself but he has chosen to dwell as one within my husband and I” – It’s similar to my thoughts. But not now, after we/you/they receive from God (after 42 months of conquest of Jerusalem)
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  • It’s child’s faith that gets us into the kingdom of god
  • What does this mean to receive through bloodline?
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  • So you can see the proof of who we are within our family generation.
  • Jesus is smart. I even think that probably Jesus was just a common Jewish guy who solved the P=NP equation (a million dollars problem now) and by its power receive fullness of God.
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  • So you can know I’m not just making it up on my own accord. But rather it is a “mantle” that has been passed down from generation to generation, that of the spirit of Elijah on my family bloodline side. And the spirit of Moses on my husbands family bloodline side.”It’s child’s faith that gets us into the kingdom of god”
  • It was easy to say before being hit by head.
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  • Our children are our teachers
  • So, your husband is alive and I assume we are not going o marry ? Can we both be 2×2 witnesses?
  • My husband is very much alive.
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  • And we have three children.
  • I have an online girlfriend that “looks like” to be not enough active after I proposed her to start witnessing.This was my condition to send her a next “dose” of money to register our organization, without which I have no way to go to her (for a long time).BTW, I signed a marriage with another woman, but that was a 100% cheater.Nothing except of passport data was true.
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  • I would caution you to be sure the love of money is not in your heart. And I would also encourage you to seek god on your theory of you being a witness. God spoke directly from heaven and told us who we were. He have given the vision to many other witnesses who can testify this to be true.
  • For me the story of Rev. 11 looks very similar of how I could imagine a story of an offended believer mathematician. That may be my imagination, but that looks more realistic for me than just a story of two preachers.
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  • As well as “ The spirit of prophets is subject to prophets”
  • “many other witnesses”?
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  • Well, yes. Ultimately we are all witnesses of only one testimony, the testimony of Jesus
  • It looks like, I am already discussed in UN, Putin is likely dying after my prayer for him to die, etc. It looks like I am a real witness. But now I am thinking maybe I should just stop. My ideas were wrong. I am not so much good (even my “good” idea to get a compensation for stupidity by appealing to God, you know, in a stupid way) may be not so much good.”Well, yes.” Do you mean, that there are many pair of two witnesses like you?
  • We are all witnesses….but the main 2 witnesses of revelation 11 carry the spirit of Elijah and the spirit of Moses.
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  • I often feel the same way
  • I stopped. Maybe you are also to stop. I became an evil magician. I think, I am to stop. You are doing a similar thing.That I should just stop.
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  • But the truth is, everything about what I prophesy is biblical and has been coming to pass
  • Can’t spirit of Moses and Elija be on multiple pairs?I also had many true prophecies, it is not a proof.
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  • The spirit of Moses and Elijah can rest on many many people. Yes. BUT IT HAS NEVER rested on a married couple, and in such perfect order
  • For example, in the first second I hear the word crypto, I knew BitCoin will exceedingly raised. (I would be very rich now, if I didn’t refuse to buy it knowing I had contradictions in my religion and being afraid to misuse the money for evil or maybe even to kill myself as many millionaries do.)
  • “BUT IT HAS NEVER”. How could you confirm this?Do you think about me as of a competitor?
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  • I can not convince you with words. But rather I must merely show you the demonstration of power that come upon me.
  • I intentionally failed my would-probably-be-successful multitrillion business idea in order to witness before God.
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  • I don’t think you to be of completion at all
  • “show you the demonstration of power that come upon me”. How can you?
  • When the lord has me speak.
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  • I sacrifice my family and there has been innocent deaths because I am submitting to the will of god to be the 2 witnesses.
  • I don’t understand you.
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  • I am trying to understand you as well. I apologize for the language barrier
  • My written English is rather good, but spoken one isn’t.I am from Russian now in Israel.
  • I have only begun my ministry of 1260 days.So I will have much more information to present
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  • I work more locally than I do on the internet.
  • You didn’t. If you did, you would be able to move your hand over the speed of sound, fly, breathe with fire, etc. It will happen after 42 month after conquest of Jerusalem.My husband and I carry a “presence” that can not be duplicated on the internet.
  • And I am able to do all of that.
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  • You must know that the new Jerusalem is in a different realm correct?
  • I saw myself in a nightdream a pastor in a church building for 20000 person and it was one of the 10 buildings I preached in the city that day. I think, that’s a true vision.
  • Yes, I know that new Jerusalem is different. Do you mean that new Jerusalem is Sodom and Egypt?I would say that is a true vision as well
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  • No.
  • So, why don’t you speak about after 42 months after conquest of earthy Jerusalem?If you can, why don’t you show a video with a fire ring above your head or like that?
  • When god opens the right timing then yes.No.
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  • Because the word of god says “ an evil and adulterous generations seeks signs and wonders but the only sign they will be given is Jonah and the whale”
  • You are not a computer. You se paper Bible. Jesus is a computer.
  • Jesus is not a computer at all

He is a “beating heart of flesh”

  • The spirit is personable and intimateGod is not on a paper Bible
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  • The Bible is nothing compared to god
  • Now I know you say heresier. Even Simon was a computer. Jesus said that he is a “stone” (like a silicon crystall).
  • Ok. Yes.But no.
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  • God said he would make man IN HIS IMAGE.
  • Image is a mathematical isomorphism.
  • At the end of the day, the father loves his children, and wants to marry Jesus to a spotless bride.God is mathematical, yes.
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  • But he is intimate and personal
    More than anything else
  • Once I met some woman who claimed that she is an alien. She gave me a correct (maybe as a coincidence) answers to my questions about Fermat theorem. You claim to be an alien and you cannot. Shame on you.
  • I claim to be a traveler moving between worlds
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  • This is not my home. Earth that is.When there was power on me, I was able for instance to raise i my mind a hi-res photo of my sight in a given 1/10 sec of time in the past.

I was a real computer.

  • Honey, this is dark/lightYou are looking for “proof”You can not look for proof.“Blessed are they that believe and do not see”And god talks about having ONE EAR to hear the spirit of the lordIt’s child’s faith.A child can understand the simplicity of the gospel
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  • The gospel is not a math equation that only a select few can figure out.
  • Only one who remembers the entire Bible can really believe. Or just our “hologram” (not a suitable word, but I don’t know a better word) believes, not ourselves.
  • I did my math discoveries following Gospel principles. It’s math. I can’t prove it but I know it works.There was a seraph in me. So I shined and there was a fire ring over my head. Later I realized that I need to drive out the receive a greater power later, when suitable
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  • Have you ever been baptized by water or fire?
  • Both. Fire is a seraph.
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  • Oh ok.
  • In a Baptist church we all prayed for “fire spirit’ to come down and it came down but onto me only.
  • HmmmHow long have you been in the Christian faith? Not that it matters at all. But I am just curious your relationship with the Bible.
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  • Also. Have you read the entire Bible?
  • I converted from being mad (like thinking I am a crocodile) and a maniacal killer in 1995.Yes, entire. I tried to study Greek and Hebrew and had weird relationship with the Bible.So.
  • That alone unqualified you to being the 2 witnesses of revelation 11I have never read the entire Bible
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  • Yet….,the entire Bible is literally inside of me, and fire comes from my mouth when yhwh speaks
  • Jesus knew it without reading! And you say you are Jesus.
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  • I know the Bible, without reading it as well
  • Apparently the last question: What will you receive when 42 months after conquest of Jerusalem pass.

So, you pretend that you read when opening it?

  • Not at all. I do read the Bible. Every day of my life.
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  • But….when I go to read it….it is just the same exact words god spoke to me before reading it.
  • Enough.
  • So the Bible just confirms what is already inside of me since before the foundations of the earthThe Bible is a guild for what my soul already knows.It’s a “knowing” or WHO YHWH IS on an intimate and personal relationship level, a child’s like relationship with YHWH
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  • Are you upset?
  • I just don’t want to spend time with you anymore. It’s easy to tell which money is dollars and which is monopoly.
  • Interesting.
  • You have a love of money….this is earthly and kinda demonic…in our conversation you have mentioned money more times than I can count. You are correct. You can definitely tell real from monopoly. But love never gives up on a person.
  • Be careful. As I warn myself every day, we can do all these supernatural things, but if we have not love we are nothing….it all comes down to love and relationship.Sin gets offended. And anger, irritation, or frustration manifests when the offense occurs.YHWH is intimate.
  • He is not a computer.He is bigger than a computer.He is I AM.
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  • Wrong theology.

This is carnality and earthly.

This is not God.

This is deception.

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  • First of all.

Second of all

How often do you hear RHEMA from YHWH? How often do u pray and fast?

  • You are caught: You told about a man in your conversation. This is carnality and earthly/
  • My man is my husband.
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  • So no.
  • I am tired to speak with you. You said that you are stupid yourself. Closing the window.
  • OkIf it eases your mind. The revelation of revelation 11 is that the 2 witnesses are a married couple and they have to be parents. You will know the 2 witnesses by their fruit. I don’t fear or worry at all because my children prophesy and are won with my husband and I.I am willing that it would not be me.Lord. Take this cup from me if you would even.But never the less, thy will be done, not mine.I am a sinner saved by grace.I need the gospel every day of my life as a life source. Without it I am confused and the voice of darkness increase as light dimsC but is never unseen.Jesus was a man….he was not a computer.He lived a normal mans lifePeter was a man.Not a stone.He was a man.Yes. There is beautiful knowledge and unexplored mysteries of YHWH within the word “stone” but do not lose sight of the simplicity of the gospel that even a child is born with all the understanding of god that he will ever need.God does not give us more than we can handle.You may very well be the smartest mathematician ever to be. Congratulations.But there is no greater rewards that being one with the creator…a child of god. A rightful ere to the throne of grace. John 17:20-21Nothing is more precious and pleasing in the sight of the Lord when even 1 soul receives Christ, all of heaven rejoices.God desires and honors our obedience to him over our sacrifices that we have made.As Jesus obeyed even until death on the cross, so will I.The 2 prophets of revelation 11 know that they will be martyrs are will have to die a very real and terrifying death.
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  • We are being spiritually guided by YHWH himself, as are all the children of god.

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