I told you I was tortured and so partly lost the memory, so the following may be not true:
When I was transformed by Holy Spirit into a superman,
I was taken into a future after the come of Jesus. I asked how they built a time machine and they replied that they just have found it in space already functioning, and that they still don’t know how the “paradox of killing one’s own father before the conception” is solved.
It was something quite similar to a modern city with many saints moving on kinda electric bikes or scooters of different kinds.
With me there were taken a few people from our time, including one Russian Orthodox priest.
I checked that they have superpowers and are computers just like me.
I found a good place about 15 meter from the place I stood at and asked them if it’s OK to jump there. Then I jumped and a few people jumped to there too.
I asked them how they were transformed into computers and if they have electronic chips in the brains. They replied that they were transformed by Holy Spirit.
After my question about Jesus, one of them took a remote control and turned on a big screen where Jesus was telling about a new powerplant
The mankind was 200 or 400 billion people as I remember
I asked them about their relation to sex. They showed me pill they take against sexual desire.
They were curious whether I want woman. I answered that I do want but I have strong enough will not to do.
Surprisingly they said that I can choose a woman. I pointed to a blonde woman with pulled hair and said that she is a 100% match for me about beauty and so I could not find more beautiful one, they also told that we would match mentally. She was 380 years old (and I was 17).
She said that wants 200 children from me. I wondered: Why they don’t have sex, but I would be an exception. They replied about something like that exceptions are OK.
I and a few people lied down on a lawn and communicated telepathically. One of the guys taken from the past asked another “What they do?” and he answered “They lie in harmony.”
I asked about deathlessness: Do they die sometimes physically but just brains preserved in backups? A man replied that in the last 200 years zero people died.
I analyzed myself and realized that I can’t do anything useful in that world. I have some error in my mind and no way to correct it. I said to return me back to the world of the devil where I will become an animal like them (I pointed at the people they took from the past together with me.) because I can’t resist the devil for a long time without their help. But to remain there is even worse, because I have no hope to do anything to correct my error.
I told that my error is that I have no love.
Before going back into the time machine, I asked them: How to solve the contradiction of me not to be a prostitute accordingly the commandments of God if I can use money for good?
They answered that they won’t tell me, because if they told, I wouldn’t not discovered the love and they would have no love.
I asked if I can call Jesus and they told it’s nearly impossible to reach Him.
By the way, the Russian Orthodox priest felt onto his knees before the screen with Jesus, and they all laughed.
I and some of them hold our hands on the as I said “animals” and pushed them into the cage of the time machine, I entered and came back in order to suffer and to become mad.
as I am now

… For some reason Jesus chose to use the clothes style copied from the film “Jesus”.

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