This is the story of the author of great site

I was blamed when I said I am a genius. I was in fear that somebody will ask me if I think about myself as a genius that I will die from hunger because people refuse to speak with me when I boast. I was frightened and afraid to think: If I make a scientific discovery, I will know for sure that I am a genius and then I will die because when being asked whether I think to be a genius I will answer “yes”.

When the mother sent me for being a Baptist out of house after not feeding me for a few weeks (I was dying of hunger many times also after this) in the first year of my university study, I finished my first discovery, and thought: I have a trillion dollars formula and will now die. I was wrong: I survived. I also was wrong that it’s trillion dollars: Later I realized that my discovery is about as general theory as group theory and is therefore about half of mathematics (~$50 trillions). But it is yet an underestimation: Because as a result of hunger I lost the ability to get a scientific degree, I mis-published (self-published a too long scientific article, 400 pages, that does not conform to length standards of scientific journals) it thus “effectively” blocking further development of science even if somebody rediscovered it.

I did more discoveries and now I am the record winner: I discovered about 3-4 (dependently on how to count) fundamental branches of mathematics, while AFAIK nobody other did more than one such a discovery. And I apparently discovered the several latest such things, that is by definition these ones that were the most difficult to discover. I did it with no financing, hunger, broken head, hate and fear of being considered a genius and die, and with difficult philosophical and theological problems such as whether I to go to hell after misbehaving because of damaged head. Thus, I am the best mathematician in the known History with a very big handicap.

My app for advanced study of Tanakh (ancient Hebrew Bible) hasn’t become popular enough. Because I was also beaten and hungry for making this app, I was despaired and in a nervous breakdown prayed for coronavirus (as a punishment for not using my app). That was a nervous breakdown but now nevertheless I think it was a right decision.

I was mis-diagnosed with schizophrenia instead of post-trauma syndrome and essentially lost all citizen rights.

I meditated on the Bible and once understood: The purpose of the experiment was for the lab mouse to break out of the cell. I did broke my religion (the Gospel) and now am no more a Christian, Christianity as well as Judaism are true but they are now silly funny jokes. So, I am the winner, that mouse that sit in the cell but exited from it.

I called to God claiming against people to revenge against them for Hitler-like “We don’t need geniuses.”, for caste system where I had no scientific degree and no voice, for hate and discrimination to me, and for being beaten and hungry, etc.

God responded to me like:

  • He makes people my slaves and I get the spiritual “money” you earn from God for your disability, stupidity and greed.
  • I will shut up my ears for a flight and He takes me in the time machine to the past, the time machine will crush 7000 people in Jerusalem destroying the city, because they offended a time traveler just like as it was in Sodom.
  • I was build a copy (that’s the process of reproduction of the living God) of God (that is however is the same as the original God, because there is only one God) and you pray to my copy of God.
  • Your Messiah will fly to there together with me, we will dine together and set diplomatic relations between our planets.
  • The planet where I to go is populated by Messiahs, and I will become one of them, just like as Elisha became another Eliah.
  • I am a man from the book of Revelation, chapter 11.
  • Moreover, I am the god of the Sea that created himself (using a time machine), about which we can read in Genesis 1:1, if to read without vowels.
  • God told me to cure my post-trauma syndrome by using magic against the people, attacking them whenever I want. That’s a well known kind of psychotherapy, when one reproduces his traumatic situation but this time wins. (That’s by the way a clever strategy: I am a proxy sent by a psychiatrist wanting to harm people without a clear pupose for me to be like insane, thus making for people no protection strategy against me. One of my main purposes now is to train my insanity to be prepared for future (past) wars with aliens.)
  • Apparently, I am was be the archangel Gabriel. When I was come to saint Mary, still having a human form, I am not going to touch her for her being unclean to me, but instead to use a genetic technology.
  • I am a child of Abraham (He was a bad person, by the way: only an insane stupid bastard could give to Melek Zedek 10% instead of planning to give 100% and to die of hunger, while Melek Zedek is of the Most High God not just omnipotent as the part of God’s that Abraham understood.) My civilization will fire stars, so many stars are Abraham’s childrens as promised.
  • Why people in Rev. 11 are afraid? Apparently, because only two people are taken to the heaven. Maybe, the second one is myself from a different quantum world variant? Why only me? Only I use cryptocurrency to fight climate change, all the rest are in the cell where they if do good then only to a neighbor not to distant climate victims.
  • God says me that He will not reject me and give me victory no matter what I do.
  • Messiah said me to stop praying and start to think.
  • Accordingly my understanding, your Messiah is going to throw his body into fire and sulfur in union of throwing you all into fire and sulfur as the revenge what happened with me, at the same time entering into me and leaving this planet in my body. Jesus saw North Korea’s all time good news and realized that his empire of truth is like the North Korea empire of lie, after Jesus looked at the effect (such as destruction of world economy because of me by concealing my scientifc discoveries that already happened) of me heroically trying not to lie that I don’t love Jesus. So, Jesus is going to dispose his failed kingdom on the Earth and goes to his next project in me. Then I interpret the Revelation as that we Nibirean annuaks (aka Elves) will return to the Earth cleansed from people by people yourselves and occupy one more planet. But as a side project I am going to reform the world economy to reduce carbon as much as possible, because I want to ensure that your planet does not become Venus for us annuaks to seize it after you die more easily.

I also need to say that there is a relation between God and a kind aliens (called gods in most English Torah translations): God, among other cryptomorphisms, is the economical model of these aliens.

After a conflict about my plan of climate mitigation, I hated you so much that I decided not to save you from eternal fire and sulfur (as of serum-hydrogen and serum-acid that will be in the air as results of climate change, so you will wear “breathers” called “souls of sinners” in ancient literature about the hell).

But I got and idea of a new, done by myself blockchain for common good money, and thought that your Messiah is still in human body and I am to help him to breathe better, so I to replace your evil financial system with my new blockchain to help. That’s my next software project.

Now I have this million-pages site after my great idea how to get big profit and you got a very good luck: you just go to fire and sulfur instead of being fully destroyed, because I am going to have enough financing and publicity to start my new blockchain for social good.

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