A man had hard childhood and weird silly evil stupid surroundings. He suffered extreme hunger and extreme beatings as well as many other big and small troubles.

He did a big discovery in the first year of a math faculty of a university.

But hunger forced him to leave near the end and silly Russian education system left him without a degree. (I say a truth, I don’t lie: I have a certified document from an accredited academia that says that I have many years of education with mostly A grades and that I do not have a degree. Moreover, offical USA accreditation confirms this fact.)

Many years of sometimes tough life, interchanged with sometimes math discoveries, sometimes conflicts, sometimes exestential philosophical troubles, as well as fear to go dying of hunger again, and many other things as in any humanlife.

He did more fundamental math discoveries than any other man in the recorded History. He is the best mathematician ever lived.

Due to extraordinaritly silly reasons his math research was half-published and so essentially lost for the world, in fact, reliably blocking further development of mankind science instead of a good effect. Nobody wants to help even a $1.

Finally this man found a really good freelancing job. At first he didn’t work well, but during time he learned to start work on serious projects and earn good money.

So, this man essentially became one of the leading (42th rating) employers in the world’s most advanced tech company.

He wasn’t the best workers, some other earned tens times more because of working tens times better. But he kept thinking and became the world’s best strategitst.

He took his main tech project: a project how to give money to everybody who wants to do good, for example, to people who resist carbon.

But this project was failed by his silly behavior causing a silly conflict at the workplace, him being displaced, lose money… and world left without hope.

Several negative factors went into one place and caused his failure after he almost reached a big success (he even was expecting to become a trillionarie).

He thought: I have reached the top of the world: the world’s most advanced tech company. I found nobody who would collaborate with me: people of higher level tech training thqn me do exists, but nobody reached my moral level: This organization created claimed to do good, but in reality it does voting of not good people who among good things invest into such things as computer games that just break their brains. I am alone at the top, nobody is near to me. I am the best man on the Earth. Previosly I thought that I probably just am bad in finding partners. No, the fact is that on the Earth there is no man or woman who could be my partner. And I myself am a real phycho.

So, he started to search in the Bible how to cancel rapture of the Church for him to be taken to the heaven alone, without them.

And he found the arguments. He concluded he is one of the two witnesses of the Apocalypse.

I am this man. More to be written.

Is the second witness my other quantum copy? Or indeed a man who can be my partner exists? Or maybe it is a beautiful woman and we are to marry? (I feel spiritual presence of some woman. Who are you? Why don’t you visit me? (I have no idea what the trouble is.) I tried to be in contact with two women but found them cheaters pretending to want to be my helpers.)

P.S. I got two new great ideas and my project that can resurrect world’s economy goes on again, maybe better than if it didn’t fail.

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