There were stolen about $50 trillion of value.

First consider a hypothetical situation: What if we somehow lose group theory? Group theory is kinda half of mathematics. More precisely, it is kinda a foundation of kinda like half of modern mathematics. If you get any modern math research (or a serious textbook), the I estimated the probability of having something from group theory in it as about 75%.

So, if group theory disappeared, we would lose 75% of mathematics. We probably would with a big amount of hard work restore about 5-10% in the lost part. So, if group theory were lost, we would lose 65-75% of math. (The numbers are very imprecise, they are to illustrate the principle, not for an exact calculation.)

Because the science is based on math, we would lose half of the science.

The following is the well-agreed list of reasons why group theory is so much important:

  • Group theory is just a few very simple formulas.
  • Group theory nevertheless has many complex consequences.
  • Group theory is related (as a foundation of) with many other things in mathematics.

In my first year of university study (1998 year) I discovered the following system of axioms (X, Y, I, J, K are sets and is δ is a binary relation):

  • not ∅ δ Y
  • not X δ ∅
  • I∪J δ K I δ K ∧ J δ K
  • K δ I∪J K δ I ∧ K δ J

I will show that these four formulas (no formula less, no formula more) together are super-tough.

Four axioms versus 5 axioms of group theory. Simple formulas. Many complex consequences. (That’s a fact, I have already written hundreds of pages about this.) And it is related with general topology and therefore just like group theory related with most of mathematics.

So, it is as important as group theory? More likely, it is even more important, because group theory has just one (known) “fundamental” cryptomorphism and this system of axioms has several cryptomorphisms. Every serious expert in math agrees that having multiple cryptomorphisms is a sign of something being important. Also, I repeat, 4 instead of 5 axioms.

So, this my discovery is apparently (not with 100% but with like 90% confidence) more important than group theory.

Isaac Newton, who discovered continuous analysis

I did some other discoveries, several most fundamental like this and many less fundamental. They include, for example, discontinuous analysis. Without it, it’s impossible to fully resolve for example the philosophical question “What is the main reason?”

The laughable story of this big discovery is that I thought several months when I was a first year student, when I was very near to this result, my mother sent me out of the house to for being a Baptist, and finished the discovery after eating grass on the street for a launch.

As the result of Russian discriminatory hunger of real Baptists (fake are not), I was forced to leave the university without any degree. There is however a laughable Russian document about me having an education with no degree, and American bastards confirmed me having education with no degree. (So, logically, this is an official US’s government certificate telling “We are a fake science.”)

So, I got no:

  • right to receive a salary for my work
  • right to get money to be published
  • academic advisor (“advisor” is a scary word from the science of computer security, they call by this word when instead of turning off a circuit there is a text telling “Don’t press this dangerous button, please!”)

With no advise of advisor (advice is paid) I did a wrong thing: I mis-published my scientific research.

Here is the detailed story.

In short:

  • I wrote a too long (400 pages) scientific article, put on it a too generous copyright, and the world publication system choked by this (master)piece.

So, choked world is dying. Computer scientists call this kind of errors buffer overflow.

The sheep is mankind, the ring is me 🙂

So, now the science is like a building being built having a half of foundation or a car going with a missing wheel.

So, put figuratively: I discovered that our car (science) has a missing wheel, I tried to attach the wheel, but the wheel mount is so much bad that it broke, too.

It like as if in biology we knew millions of species but cat, cow, and wheat were discovered just recently. Nobody noticed that they need to be included into the classification. An we would say like “well, that plant that usually grows on fields… we need to measure its characteristics again”. “How to get rid of mouses? anyone?”; “The amount of seeds produced by this thing that grows on fields and the amount of nitrates needed to grow that thing that growth on fields are definitely related fields of science, a professor noticed in his book, however we are not sure what is the exact relation between them.”

Famous mathematicians such as Timothy Gowers and Terrence Tao, despite of being comparably clever to me, need a psychiatrist:

These hundreds-dollars salaries people seriously thought that the “revolt of mathematicians” that they tried to lead is about them, not about qualified amateurs (the world “amateur” means a human who has not enough money to buy the right to receive a salary for his/her work) who really can’t pay for publication.

So, Russians stole $50 trillion by religiously discriminating me.

Americans and other West stole by their national academies accumulating money and crushing their alleged competitors (These bastards think that all the world consists of competitors 🙂 No, me exists despite of their disbelief in my existence.)

Israelities stole $50 trillions this way (protecting their strategy of theft by a prohibitive tax on good deeds):

I sent to


It is attached my research (volume-1.pdf is a finished book manuscript,
volume-3.pdf is more a partial work) in highly abstract pure mathematics.

It is not full track of my research. I also have more research on
related topic and research on an unrelated topic (an axiomatization of
finite and infinite formulas).

Please not that to the best of my knowledge, I am the only person in the
History who discovered more than one (I discovered about three,
dependently on how to count) new fundamental branches of mathematics.
(Von Neummann discovered several, but they are not as fundamental as mine.)

In exceptional cases, the institution may submit a request to receive
special permission. Requests should be addressed to

So, it is this special case:

I was forced out of a university after 5 years of study without any
degree or diploma because of extreme hate to my religious and political
views while long time almost dying of hunger.

In other words I now have not enough money to purchase the right to
receive money for work (it’s called “higher education”).

Please trigger this special case and provide me personal funding. If you
don’t, see block-science.pdf

The sneaky (do I need the word “sneaky” before the rest of the world) fascist at the other end decided to turn off his brain by hate and to ignore the information. (Almost no doubt: He did thought: Anti-discrimination laws in Israel? That does not matter: Legal system such as courts discriminates, too.)

So, “Hear, Israel!” was violated on the sum of $50 trillion. You are not Jews, you are not people, you are now animals, defined as these who cannot hear.

Everybody of my acquintances (and this includes Timothy Gowers and Terrence Tao) stole $50 trillion by their force to move money in wrong direction.

For me it means exceedingly more than $50 trillion of value. Only brain damaged people can value money that they can’t eat or put inside.

My response? I (like Elijah) attack Israel with magic! Can you judge me, death-penalty worth thieves?

It’s not only money! Math is used not only in economy but in politics, communication, education, etc., and even theology (You don’t do? I do.) You lost God.

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