• Evangelicals behaving in such a way that others discriminate them
  • Atheistic liberals, etc. killing millions of Evangelicals by hunger in process of their fight for non-discrimination
  • by silencing our voices as the reaction of us wanting to speak
  • especially Victor Porton, the best mathematician ever, by his attempt to disinform the society that he is dishonest 🙂
  • while the brothers Evangelicals didn’t feed him because they judged him for judging them in his mind (“Don’t think about monkeys!”)
  • and their super-mean “forgive and forget” (a successful attempt to kill as many geniuses as possible) from Nelson Mandela, what can be done only using a narcotic (note also his anti-scientific “all people are equal” who made me inequal in rights with idiots, because I am not equal to them)
  • saying them are doing the will of God to punish me (They are say they are a part of God, why didn’t they change their part of God’s will.) Likewise with subjects of the trade not helping me saying they are not to violate market principles,
  • because they are believers in the fake document “Russian constitution” with such hardcore lies as “all citizens have equal rights” and “everybody can confess his religion”
  • … and my Russian Orthodox cousin Sveta Borisova often annoying me with repeating the phrase “The greatest sin is an unaccepted genius.” on which I was unable to explain her than I am exactly this, and fervently “fighting” with “spirit of fire”, closed the door of her house when I asked her for food, (Should she be hospitalized to a mental hospital for a contradiction in her mind: she says she is Russian Orthodox and she allocates 0 to help poors?)
  • me being super-proud of his humility
  • because Russian morality deprived him of food an beat as a result of honesty
  • bringing him to delirium (for sure I did rape, I suspect I am also the source of flat Earth “theory” and some of anti-cilmate efforts) and making him lie
  • because they wanted them to stop following the Gospel what means to stop love them and effectively hate them (make them harm)
  • not feed by the church because they “didn’t need geniuses” (while all time proclaiming that they want to have understanding)
  • fails receiving scientific degree and grants,
  • so publishing an important discovery in a bad publication venue, so that it is not taken seriously, and failing the development of science finally (in other words, making people “ants”)
  • namely this 400 pages text was published with a Russian publisher with no English download page
  • and scientists who strive against irrational Elseiver greed following irrational 19 century rule to differentiate between short (articles) and long texts (books),
  • so making Victor unable to properly publish the 400 pages math text because of its length
  • what accordingly a part of mathematics, computer science, is a childish error called “buffer overflow”
  • because science research leaders despise people with no degree in order to protect science from failing
  • because of their anti-scientific (remember Nash?, advise you journalists all the time) belief that a religious person cannot be a scientist
  • as a result of his generous effort to give his discoveries for free in order to have more readers
  • as a result of misinformation by scientists who never researched which troubles an “amateur” may meet attempting to publish
  • in a much degree because of Greta Thumberg who praises liberals who attack Victor Porton
  • with violence because he is not exactly complies with their liberal philosophy that includes non-violence
  • and attacks of hedonists who believe that other people’s interests are not important (and as implication, that other people should not be attacked)
  • in the form of Russian Orthodoxes who hate Victor for having a “spirit of fire”
  • what is the same a seraphim to which they pray
  • and with psychics who perceive “informational filed” which is in reality an electromagnetic radiation with Evangelicals who perceive Christ who is the electromagnetic radiation of the universe
  • … and scientists who deny existence of Christ
  • and an attempt to prove that he is a scientist by passing an Israel university course didn’t happen because of the Israel’s nation attempt to force everybody to speak Hebrew, Victor didn’t find a good job and didn’t allocate money for Hebrew study,
  • and Evangelicals who all the time say that they to serve to God not to their own ministry didn’t help me with money to save world economy from that giant failure “because it is not our ministry”
  • and Victor who was clearly winning a $5000 prize and apparently succeeding to persuade Ethereum community to allocate a big part of money fails his attempt to make trillions of dollars of Ethereum used for common goods such as climate mitigation
  • because he was offended by her girlfriend who wanted to become “independent” and therefore refused to participate in Victor’s business and refusing to hear his advice that would explain how to use cryptocurrency for financial independence
  • and Victor under influence of radiation of a (Chinese) electronic lamp with a sparkling contact (If Victor didn’t know physics, he would believe that the lamp and rented a new apartment to eliminate the radiation may be harmful, but he “knew” that laws of physics don’t allow this before discovering that this high frequency schema is sparkling.)
  • what Victor for himself proved by researching the perceived level of noise inside his head dependently on his position in the apartment, scientifically proving that it is not acoustic and therefore electromagnetic waves that make noise inside his head (what contradicts to established science that people don’t perceive electromagnetic waves, what contradicts to established science that solar storms cause health problems)
  • failed social relations
  • because of him being discriminated in the past having not enough social relations practice
  • failed their anti-discrimination rules
  • and so climate became worse.

So, the statement that I am the smartest human in known History essentially passed peer review (it has no refutations on Quora, an expert q/a site), but my my actual discoveries to which I refer there did not pass peer review. 🙂 (except of that Russian publication that blocked further development of science)

“Two things are infinite: the universe and stupidity of Einstein” – this is not what Einstein said, but it is what he meant.

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