[This scholarly article was rejected by one and simply unanswered by two Russian fascist journals. I publish here.]

Victor L. Porton, Ashkelon, Israel, a freelancer without a degree, porton@narod.ru
Annotation. The author examines the situation of a fundamental scientific discovery made by an “unrecognized sectarian [in Russia this word is used to denote a religious cult]” and the possibility of rejection of his formulas by the Russian (scientific) community, which, according to the author, can lead to a “missing component” in Russian exact science, and, as a consequence, to a catastrophic lag in Russian science, education, and as a result of technology, labor productivity, economy and living standards. An analogy is drawn with the discovery of the theory of relativity by Einstein who lived in Nazi Germany. Such a situation really takes place with the author himself, which, according to the author, poses a real and existential threat to Russia. Possible measures for treating this “allergy” are given.
Keywords. Religion in Russia, sect, sectarian, Russian science, Russian education, existential threat, interreligious hatred, religious discrimination, Russian fascism, science and religion, religion and science, public opinion, propaganda.
1 Introduction                  
Consider a situation: a society in a part of the world (for example, a country) peremptorily does not accept the views, positions, and reputation of one of its members. This person has made a fundamental scientific discovery. Could this lead to that society will consciously or unconsciously reject his ideas, or it would be “forced” to reject by shame, contempt, moral differences, hatred, and as a result will lose one of the fundamental elements of science? Could the loss of a small part of the exact sciences lead to a catastrophic lag?
This situation has really happened in the past with Albert Einstein, who discovered the special (and later also general) theory of relativity in Nazi Germany, which rejected Einstein because of his Jewish origin. Perhaps this was one of the key factors behind Germany’s defeat in World War II, since the “absence” of special relativity makes it impossible to develop nuclear weapons.
I argue that a similar situation was repeated in post-Soviet Russia.
2 The real situation at a glance                  
I, Porton Victor Lvovich, is born in Perm, currently a citizen of the Russian Federation and Israel.
During my first year at Perm State University, I discovered my first new fundamental mathematical formula (more precisely, a new axiom or definition[1] ), which I now call the definition of a funcoid. In the future, based on this formula, I have developed a few hundred pages of fundamental mathematical theory, which I called “algebraic general topology” [1]. In addition, I also developed another (not directly related to topology) fundamental theory, which I called the “axiomatic theory of formulas” [2] . [Notes to the Editor: It may be necessary to postpone the publication of this article until my newer results are published so that there are more relevant bibliographic references.]  
At the age of 15, I finally converted to the Protestant faith (at that time in its Baptist version). Soon after my conversion, I came to the conclusion that I should call myself a sectarian [the Russian word for a non-“Orthodox” cultist] and religious fanatic. This led to major problems: hunger and beatings.
At the moment I live in Israel.
3 Fundamentality and importance of discoveries                  
I will list my main fundamental mathematical discoveries:
• definition (and properties) of a funcoid
• definition and properties of the so-called filtrators
• definition of such things as the action of a partially ordered semigroup, the action of a partially ordered precategory, “space” and “interspace” as an element of such semigroups and precategories (“space in general” in the framework of general topology)
• definition and properties of generalization of the limit, defined for an arbitrary function at all points
• definition of the basic properties of “point-free funcoids” – generalizations of funcoids
• definition of the main properties of “multidimensional” generalizations of funcoids and pointless funcoids
• axiomatic description of “infinite formulas”
I’ve also done a number of other (less important) mathematical discoveries related to the above.
A feature of the above discoveries is their extraordinary fundamentality for mathematical discoveries made at the end of the 20th and 21st centuries. Namely:
• In one of the equivalent definitions (a predicate of two variables δ that is false on empty arguments on sets conforming to the axioms A ∪ B δ C ⇔ A δ C ∨ B δ C and C δ A∪B ⇔ C δ A ∨ C δ B ), the description of the funcoid is comparable simply to the definition of the group, if not simpler than it. Let me remind you that the concept of a group is one of the most fundamental and important concepts in modern mathematics. The funcoid generalizes and simultaneously contains (pre)topological spaces, (quasi)proximity spaces, and (directed) graphs.
• The definition of a filtrator is even simpler: a filter is a pair of a partially ordered set and a subset of it (with the induced order).
• Surprisingly, the actions of partially ordered semigroups and precategories were not investigated (this concept was not found at all on the Internet) before me. My “space in general” generalizes and contains at least all kinds of spaces of general topology: funcoids ((pre)topological spaces, (quasi)proximity spaces, as well as (directed) graphs), (quasi)uniform spaces, (quasi)metric spaces, locales, and frames.
• The generalization of the limit for an arbitrary function makes it obvious the definitions of the derivative and integral of an arbitrary function, the sum of an arbitrary series, which makes possible a new branch of functional analysis that studies hitherto unknown properties of nondifferentiable and discontinuous functions.
• The axiomatic description of formulas is also not inferior in simplicity to the definition of a group.
The importance of the discoveries:
• Obviously, fundamental mathematical discoveries are important.
• Algebraic general topology is a breakthrough (and beyond) in research in the field of general topology (which by many scientists were considered mostly completed and the continuation of the research was considered unpromising). General topology is the basis of algebraic and differential topology, mathematical and functional analysis, that is, a “good” half of modern mathematics, as well as physics, engineering, apparently also economics and, possibly[2], statistics.
• The generalization of the limit opens up tremendous possibilities in mathematical and functional analysis, which is the base for physics, engineering, economics, etc. It is not excluded (and in the author’s opinion it is very likely) that future physics will be entirely based on the concept of a generalized limit introduced by the author. It is viable to suppose that the discovery of discontinuous analysis by the author is as important as the discovery of (continuous and differentiable) mathematical analysis by Isaac Newton. 
• The axiomatic description of formulas, perhaps (this issue has not yet been investigated), makes it possible to describe the whole electronic circuit as one “whole” formula, which means, perhaps, it will open up new methods for designing microcircuits, their optimization and expanding capabilities. It is not excluded (and in the opinion of the author it is very likely) that future electronics will be entirely based on the author’s theory of formulas. The same can be applied to other areas of computer science.
4 What the lack of formulas can lead to                  
It is a known fact [3] that mathematics is in a sense like a building, consisting of more fundamental parts and “superstructures” that cannot be built without a foundation. However, some parts mutually support each other. But in general, the division into more fundamental and less fundamental parts of mathematics clearly makes sense (although, apparently, still poorly researched and defined). 
Be that as it may, my mathematical research clearly belongs to the “foundation”. The absence of a part of the foundation makes further “construction” extremely difficult, makes it hopeless, virtually impossible in some future.
Let me give you an analogy: As you know, in a modern TV set there are several billions transistors, a failure of even one of them can lead to a complete lack of TV functionality.
Another analogy: one “wrong” base in DNA can lead to deformity or death of a biological organism.
Based on modern ideas about the building of mathematics, as well as the above analogies, it seems scientifically justified to assume that absence, for some reason, of even one fundamental formula in the culture of a country may lead to its catastrophic lag in development (economic dependence, slavery, military defeat, disappearance) in the future. Speaking about the future, it is natural to expect that this can happen within several decades (I remind you that the speed of development of technology and science tends to accelerate exponentially!)
5 “Cultist”                  
Sect concept
The concept of a sect is not a scientific term and is used mainly by propagandists in order to speak offensively about someone.
In Russia, however, even the so-called religious scholars are actively conducting anti-sectarian propaganda [4], which, according to the author, is nothing more than a state-funded pseudoscience. 
However, some give this concept a more or less scientific definition “a sect is a closed religious group opposing itself to the main culture-forming religious community (or the main communities) of a country or region” [5] . This definition does not conform to the generally accepted one (“a religious, political, philosophical or other group, sometimes separated from the mainstream and opposing it, or an indication of an organized tradition that has its founder and a special teaching” [6]), but more accurately reflects the use of this word among the people and “anti-sectarian” propagandists.  
“Confession” of the author
I am a Protestant. First I became a Baptist, then I transferred to the Church of Christians of the Evangelical Faith. Now I profess a new religion [7], that emerged as a reaction to religious discrimination. 
I believed that I should openly declare my faith: (Luke 9: 6) “For whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of man will be ashamed when he comes in his glory both of the Father and the holy angels” and (Mark 8:38) “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of His Father with the holy Angels.”
Moreover, I “abbreviated” my confession: “I am a sectarian,” “I am a religious fanatic.” I considered the word “sectarian” as one of Christ’s words, because the Gospel, 2 Cor. 6:17 contains the word “separate,” the Greek root of which has the same meaning as the root of the word “sectarian.” I considered the word “fanatic” one of Christ’s words, because the Bible says (Rev. 3:19) “be zealous”, and “jealous” and “fanatic” are words with a root similar meaning. Since Jesus demanded to confess his words “in this adulterous and sinful generation,” I considered it necessary to use the word “sect”, and not the words about “Protestant” that are incomprehensible to the majority of the “adulterous and sinful generation” [of Russians].
I propose to conduct a scientific experiment (it can be dangerous to the life and health of the experimenter!) : Write the word “sectarian” on a cap or T-shirt and try to enter some [Russian] institution or other room with people. The hypothesis is that you will not succeed.
According to the author, as punishment for “sectarianism” his mother stopped feeding him, hit him several times (at intervals of several days or weeks) with a frying pan by the head, and then kicked him out of the house (the mother does not remember this, we consider each other to be people with memory problems). Claiming that he is a sectarian and religious fanatic and calling people “sinners” the author could not get any help and continued to die of hunger. The author ate grass on the street (by the way, my first new formula, the definition of funcoid, was discovered precisely after such a “meal”[3]). Then my mother, for some unknown reason (perhaps her brain was overloaded with excessive anger and she lost her memory or she was afraid of criminal liability), allowed me to return to the apartment and provided me with enough food to survive.
In general, during his studies in high school and university, the author was on the verge of starving to death several times and experienced other hardships (for example, sometimes lack of paper).
I had to stop studying at the university, mainly in order to be recognized as mentally disabled and not starve to death due to the inability to find a job.
In short, I have at the initiative of Jesus blocked my sense of shame, that protects people from discrimination and probable death from starvation because of discrimination.
6 Features of the author’s religion                  
Some of the author’s public statements:
• On August 8, 1995 I was instantly healed by Christ from severe delirium, hallucinations and fits of anger, loss of the ability to read and count. 
• To save my formulas and punish the “fascists” (see below) I began to pray and make wishes about a thermonuclear war with the aim of destroying Russia. During the “war” to destabilize the situation in the world to create an opportunity for an attack on Russia, I said “Destroy two skyscrapers [in the USA]” by airplanes), which happened later.
• For the fact that people (and religious organizations) did not accept my statement that the Old Testament should be read without vocalizations[4], and “punished” me with hunger and other hardships, said “let there be coronavirus” and other (more terrible) curses.
• Engaged in astral sex with St. Mary with the aim of offending Russia (“fuck His mother” is a famous Russian curse) lead so by God.
• (Mistakenly) predicted the destruction of Perm by nuclear weapons as punishment for the fact that the love with Maria was not recognized. Then I walked around the city and shouted “Russian animals, Christ has decided to kill you, nuclear war is coming soon!” 
• I consider all people to be freaks infected with a virus that affects the brain .
• I argue that a period of about a month or two has been temporarily healed from the virus and turned into a superhero (with a brain-computer superior to the rest of humanity, gigantic strength and speed, as well as other superpowers).
Thus, it is clear that my conflict with the Russian society in a sense has reached an extreme form. In my opinion, even the “Osama bin Laden’s formula” (if such one existed) would be a lesser threat to Russia than I, because Osama bin Laden belonged to the “traditional” [I refer to wording of a Russian legal law] religion (Islam), which means it is less “terrible” for Russians than I am, a person of a “non-traditional” religion (“sect” in the Russian vernacular). It’s just that Osama bin Laden is less despised than me, and it is contempt that is dangerous.
This is the case when the threat of the use of nuclear weapons (regardless of its reality) can be as dangerous for the economy of a country as its actual use.
7 The analogy with Nazi Germany                  
The analogy to fascist Germany is obvious. Similarities and differences:
• Important fundamental scientific discoveries.
• The author belongs to a social group hated by the people.
• Einstein was persecuted on a national basis, and I on a religious basis.
• The persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany was reflected in official documents, the persecution of “sectarians” (primarily Protestants) in Russia is not officially recognized.
• Einstein’s discoveries relate to physics, mine to abstract mathematics.
• Einstein discovered SRT, when the discovery was “ripe”, I discovered funcoids about 60 years later than it was possible to do.
• If Einstein had not been able to leave in time and ended up in a death camp, he probably would have suffered less than me, because in death camps they did not beat them by the head with pans, but only did not feed them.
Open-ended question: How many Protestants have starved to death in post-Soviet Russia due to religious discrimination? It is a well-known fact that a person “caught” in sectarianism is usually fired from his job, and people without work often die of hunger.
As I already wrote, it is worthwhile for an experiment (dangerous for the life and health of the experimenter!) To write the word “sectarian” on a T-shirt or cap and try to enter some institution. If this fails, the experiment will confirm my personal experience of the analogy “Dogs and sectarians are not allowed in” with Nazi Germany.
In fascist Germany, the “problem” with Einstein was “solved” by the proclamation that SRT was discovered by “Aryan” scientists. In modern Russia, such a measure is impossible due to the prevalence of the Internet, including the blockchain, in which it is recorded that I am the discoverer of these theories. 
8 Attempt at psychoanalysis                  
I confess that I am not an educated psychologist or psychoanalyst, but due to the lack of other research on this topic, I will state my opinion on whether Russia may be deprived of my formulas.
One should distinguish between conscience and shame [8] : 
The difference between shame and guilt is that guilt arises when a person has repented for what he did. That is, it became unpleasant for him that he had done this act. This is an internal state. At this moment, a person usually lowers his head, goes inside himself and begins to experience emotions. Shame arises only when there are witnesses. This is a feeling of fear of being rejected, not accepted by society. Shame can arise when we are different from others.
The shame of Russians in front of sectarians is definitely not conscience, it is closer to shame; perhaps a more accurate word is contempt. Judging from my experience, most Russians despise sectarians precisely because we do not drink, do not sleep with other people’s wives, etc. For this we are despised. This can be a sublimated conscience, namely the transfer of one’s own pangs of conscience to the shame of another object (sectarian) in order to get rid of the pangs of conscience. 
Shame and contempt are often strong feelings: judging from my experience, the degree of contempt for sectarians, apparently, reaches a numerical overflow in the brain: people start screaming (including insults), fight, in general, react inadequately when they come to the conclusion, that interact with the “sectarian”.
In my opinion, these strong feelings and the supposed numerical overflow in the brain caused by these feelings pose a threat to Russia as a power. The desire to get rid of everything connected with the object of hatred and contempt by the “sect” can outweigh rational motives and lead to the suppression of my formulas in Russia by certain information dissemination agencies, which means a catastrophic lag in Russia.
Thus, in this case, shame has become a serious pathology of Russian society. This is very similar to an allergy: society rejects its own members.
An example of this pathology is that the judge Solopova Olga has not opened a civil case, when I filed a claim for compensation. Thus, it has been proven that the shame of sectarianism can outweigh the requirements of Russian and international legislation.
As a treatment for pathological shame and contempt, I propose to supplant them with conscience. In other words, Russian society must recognize discrimination, the killing of Protestants by hunger. The disease is serious and the treatment should be radical: it is necessary at the highest level, to use the word “fascism” and “genocid” to describe the attitude of Russians to the “sectarians”. Perhaps it makes sense to apply the same legal norms to the “concept” of “sect” as to the “concept” of “Jew”.
It should be officially recognized that the ROC was actually a state church and, accordingly, the illegality of the existing state funding of religious propaganda.
The activation of conscience (in order to mitigate the shame) must be accompanied by concrete actions (payment of compensation), otherwise the ousting of shame may become unstable and Russia will perish.
9 Analogy with the Roman Empire                  
The author also puts forward the following scientific hypothesis about the reasons for the death of the Roman Empire:
Jesus, called Christ, set the goal of destroying the Roman Empire in order to liberate Israel, which it conquered at that time. He came up with an ingenious plan: he gave the students highly moral (in the sense, beneficial for a society that observes them) commandments and such life principles that they were to be hated by the Romans. As a result, everything Christian, including Christian morality and the works of Christian philosophers, were rejected by the Romans. In accordance with Jesus’ plan, this led to the degradation of Roman morality and philosophy. Literally, the demoralized Roman society was unable to resist the barbarians, whose development was not to the same extent limited (In the author’s opinion, the persecution of Christians by the barbarians was not as significant as the “persecution of Christians by barbarians” (in Russian language) gives only four results in Google as of 12 Dec 2020, with at least two of them referring to the irrelevantly late date, 476). 
It should be noted that the Christianization of the Roman Empire (if the word “Christianity” is appropriate here, since the later religion of the Roman Empire had little to do with the teachings of such figures as Jesus and the Apostle Paul) did not lead to an improvement in the attitude of the Romans towards Israel:
Judging by the surviving written records, starting from the II century, anti-Judaism in the Christian environment increased. Characteristic are the Epistle of Barnabas, the Word about the Passover of Meliton of Sardis, and later some passages from the works of John Chrysostom, Ambrose of Mediolan and some others.
A specific feature of Christian anti-Judaism was the repeated accusation of the Jews of Deicide from the very beginning of its existence. Their other “crimes” were also named – their stubborn and malicious rejection of Christ and his teachings, lifestyle and lifestyle, profanation of Holy Communion, poisoning of wells, ritual murders, creating a direct threat to the spiritual and physical life of Christians. It was argued that the Jews, as a people accursed and punished by God, should be doomed to a “humiliating way of life” (Blessed Augustine) in order to become witnesses of the truth of Christianity.

After the Edict of Milan (313) by the emperors Constantine and Licinius, who proclaimed a policy of official tolerance towards Christians, the influence of the Church in the empire steadily increased. The formation of the Church as a state institution entailed social discrimination against Jews, persecutions and pogroms committed by Christians with the blessing of the Church or inspired by the church hierarchy.
So, according to Jesus’ supposed plan, the destruction of the Roman Empire was still necessary.
Will the fate of the Roman Empire come to Russia, too? We are witnessing a terrible loss of morality by Russians: the meaning of life for most of them is pleasure or personal money, theft is considered a virtue, almost all television movies about how Machiavellians do evil, and in fact are propaganda of evil. Usually, those who call themselves Orthodox simply observe religious rites in order to increase their “karma”, without any purpose to serve God or do good, and are quite ready to go over to the side of the devil if he pays more (they are Satanists in accordance with the section “Satanism as a subculture» article [9]). The author assumes that the reason for this is hatred of “sectarian” morality, which, as you know, includes the rejection of theft, drunkenness, fights, swearing, etc.  
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[1] I will not analyze the difference between the axiom and the definition, since it is: a. does not correspond to the subject of the magazine; b. is not important for the topic of the article.             
[2] The author does not have sufficient expertise in an l asti statistics.             
[3] It should not be assumed that the possible narcotic effect of the herb helped me to discover the funkoids: I had only the last step to discover, since I had been thinking about this topic for several months before.             
[4] A special form of vowel letters in languages ​​such as Hebrew. 

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