1. In this short sermon I will tell about relationships between people and God.
  2. In the beginning God created people to work on the ground: (Gen. 2:15) “Yahweh God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.”
  3. But the man was damaged by the devil. Initially the brain of the man was a hardcore computer (see my other sermon “Short story of the universe”). Under influence of the devil the man almost completely hanged, the good and the evil were confused with each other and the man became unable to work in a right way. It is called “sin”.
  4. God appointed the task to withdraw us from the hangup (save from the sin), make us able to work effectively again.
  5. God could be able just to get atoms of our body and create from them a new body and a new brain without the bugs, or completely erase our memory and begin everything anew. But the Lord loves us: this means that He does not want to erase our memory. He wants to correct us through a dialogue with us (not only through words but also through telepathy).
  6. So now God works as a system operator which connects to our brains and corrects them by the way of mild informational interaction, without erasing our memory.
  7. The task is made difficult by that we do not hear well or do not hear at all the voice of God. God sees our heart, but we do not hear the electromagnetic signals God sends us. This is a vicious circle: For us to be corrected we need to receive the correcting signal from God, but to receive the signal it is necessary first to correct our inability to hear. This makes the task of our salvation very difficult and its solution stretched for millennia.
  8. God communicates with us through electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation of the universe in Bible is called Christ: (Jn. 8:12) “I am the light of the worlds”. So God appointed the task to save us through Christ, without erasing our memory.
  9. The task is that we could again effectively work on the Earth, not to make harm as the mankind does now.
  10. This is a very difficult problem: To teach us to withstand against sin and the devil. The problem is so difficult that after its solution God has for us a work even not on the Earth but on the heaven, and he grabs us to the heaven. That is the grace of God is the solution of this problem but it is more than solution just of this problem but a way to the heaven.

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