Many years ago (I probably was yet a teenager) I endured very hard life circumstances. It seems that something broke in my head with the following result:

I often have negative thoughts. It is often that I remember the rave I had before the conversion to Christ. Or just bad thoughts. Sometimes it is the thought to kill myself or somebody other, sometimes it is something indecent, or like this. I don’t kill or do any such things but the negative thoughts disturb me.

Please pray for me to get rid of negative thoughts and too often remembering the rave which I had before conversion.

I think, God allowed me to break a little because I thought too high about my own mind, such as being very positive was like an idol for me. But now I think, I already repented of this.

Also pray for my financial welfare for me to have money and free time to work in nonprofit/charity for benefit of others.

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