I now live in baal Beni’s apartment.

Because of troubles with the computer, I could not withdraw money on-time to pay for housing, it seems that the payment is delayed for one day and this non-human decided to evict me (my broker however stood up for me, so today I have not yet been evicted – I can pay).

If the animal decides to evict a mathematician, then I will have to return to my mother with her poisonous jokes.

My mother is Hitler. Hitler loved the Aryans. Mother instead of Aryans loves humor: for the sake of a “good” (actually tasteless) joke, she is ready for any meanness. Mother conquered a large territory of friends by granting them free vodka. Everyone loves her. (Whom else did everyone love?) The essence of the joke with vodka is that the mother loves to observe humor: how people go crazy with vodka and say stupid things with it.

She spends twelve or fourteen hours a day watching all the time repeated jokes fixated on the same TV program. The TV is on 24 hours. If she falls asleep and the TV is turned off, the vigilant watchdog Hitler wakes up and begins to swear, calling the person who switched off a bastard.

I have no psychological education, but I have understood some things that professional psychologists and psychiatrists do not understand. My mother has a mental illness unknown to science. I call this disease “dead souls” or “one-time memory.”

Symptoms of the disease: the patient repeats all the time the same meaningless actions, considering them the meaning of life, can not go beyond his or her actions and ideas, like an ant.

Causes of the disease: According to my theory, patients with a “dead soul” have some kind of organic brain damage that makes their memory disposable: they can remember something once, but cannot erase and rewrite memory (like a CD-R disc). This theory is supported by the fact that the mother has a surprisingly good memory even for her age: she “following the circle” tells all her old memories: if the memory is not erased, this is a natural explanation for her useless long-time memories.

The etiology of the disease and when the mother became ill is unknown.

The name of the disease I took, of course, from the novel “Dead Souls”. Obviously, Gogol described the same psychic pathology as my mother’s.

And why did Gogol call this disease that? Apparently because the sick can not repent of sins (to repent is to change their opinion or decision), which means that according to the ideas of Gogol’s fellow believers, they can only get to hell – “dead alive”. I will add to this that, in my opinion, the soul is a backup copy of the brain, which means that the disease means that the soul has ceased to perform its function: after a mistake, the brain cannot be corrected by the soul.

My father is also a dead soul. He has an addiction to “neatness”, good looks, “order” (order means that he shifts things or rearranges furniture in one known “correct” order – one of the nightmares of my childhood was that before I started doing a homework assignment at school, I usually spent 5 hours looking for a pen, notebook, etc., hidden by my father). He also likes to rearrange furniture.

The Torah says: “A great priest should not touch dead souls – his father and his mother” (in this Torah parasha, the take is “will not be in rupture”, and the word “rupture” in Hebrew is the same word as Perm – the name of my place of birth – the city-rupture, the place where my connection with the world ceased). This means that I need to renounce my father (“Jewish culture”) and mother (“Russian culture”).

Father and mother are dead souls. They cannot be changed: for example, I decided (among other things, because the Torah says “a great priest must marry”) to try to find a woman. I now live in Beni’s apartment in a “black” city area; there are white girls here too, but in this area almost all white women are ugly for some reason. So I began to approach beautiful girls (black women) and say: “You are beautiful.” If the girl commits suicide after that, so be it: I go like Moshe’s soldiers through the ranks of the Jews (more precisely, blacks who converted to Jewry) and kill them. One who does not respond to the great priest is worthy of death. The black neighborhood is closed in on itself and I can’t talk to them (these crazy people even specifically answer me in some of their own language to break the commandment “Listen to Israel!”) In other words, Israel is the second Russia – a country in isolation, people who do not hear “Listen to Israel!” and do not regret that they do not hear about what they cannot hear because they do not hear. He who does not speak cannot hear.

And now to baal Beni:

Will he try to send me to a dead pig? [It is not me: it is an automated translator who understood that this phrase is appropriate here.]

I want to shame the baal Beni:

The sawn leg of my bed is Russian magic.
Now I train on the bed like an astronaut: Elohim takes me to his heaven.
Hair clippings are a bit of a major Russian magical attribute. (This is another apartment I had to move out of).

Beni miscalculated when he thought that I would be frightened and, having paid, I would leave the apartment of the baal on another deceived tenant: the one who is taken into Elohim of Russian magic is not afraid.

So, the pig eats and doesn’t work, the mathematician works too much to eat.

Recently, I realized what Israel’s mission is for the Elohim: we must become the developers of non-science for the further conquest of the Galaxy. Those who are not involved in the development of non-science with advice or money are herem.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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