A pig eats and doesn’t work, the mathematician works too much to eat.

My scientific manuscript was not published. (You lost discontinuous analysis and more tremendous lost actions of ordered semigroups – in the context of the fight against environmental disasters, this can only mean slowly having been rotted mankind.) I thought: when Messiah will come, he will publish my text (or himself write a similar text). I misunderstood: when Messiah will come, he will instead beat these who participated in non-publication! (Every time when I tried to cite the Holy Book to bless my enemies, I was finding that what I am citing is in this special case a curse for you. No forgiveness for these who ignore discontinuous analysis and actions of ordered semigroups.)

But there is a solution of this trouble:

Israel’s mission for the Elohim: we must become the developers of non-science for the further conquest of the Galaxy. Those who are not involved in the development of non-science with advice or money are herem.

This project is greater than Torah, because Torah was given to start this project.

If to say in simple words: A super-civilization so mighty that as it concerns to the problem in question is indistinguishable from all-mighty (Elochim) filled Earth with oil, put there egoistic creatures and to check a complex theorem played the game, whether the egoistic creatures (people) will ditch themselves by carbon and plastic. So, my project is to find a mathematical formula how to say to Elochim: Don’t do it!

So, in short: People reached such an informational saturation that cannot repent anymore (therefore there is no forgiveness), but Elochim decided to repent Himself instead of you. Obviously, Elochim is a mathematical object and therefore isn’t inside a time and can’t change, but in our Universe there is a physical object (a supercivilization) that is with a high enough precision described by the formula of Elochim (Torah), this civilization is inside time and it can change and it is going to repent that it made you evil.

If Elochim did not repent, you were doomed to destruction. (I actually cursed you all for death for not hearing mathematics and for no desire to pay me to publish it, and asked Elochim to take me to heaven without you all. He clearly responded that He accepts my plea. He also told me, for example, that my black remote girlfriend will be like the Premier Minister or President of Israel, and other things mocking on you, etc.) I never saw that anyone showed any sign of repentance of what you did (and not did) to the author of discontinuous analysis. But now Elochim is going to repent and you to continue the deed of Elochim: in this star trek people are in a winning position, Elochim is willing to deliver you the galaxy.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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