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I am the world-best general topology researcher, also I have some research related to logic and computer science.

If you don’t believe into religion/prophecies skip the next paragraph and please read directly the purely scientific information below.

I have an important information (Do you believe in prophecies and time travel? I claim I found an important prophecy about 21st century research in both quantum gravity and general topology):

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BTW, what do you think about my physics ideas? (I am not a physicist, I am a researcher in foundations of math.)

  • Our world is a slice (domain restriction) of the wave function of the universe to a “moment” (with suitable definition of this word taking into account that equality of time is relative) of time. There is another world inside the wave function of the universe obtained by equating “points” (of a suitable space, such as the space of 4xR^4 (if we don’t consider extra dimensions of M-theory for simplicity of explanation) of the domain where the first 4 is 4 fields and the second is the number of spacetime dimensions) with entangled particles. I suspect that this “another world” may be referred by some religions as a spiritual realm.
  • If one move back in time through a closed time-like spacetime curve, will he be dissolved because his wave function would be very weak (of insensitivity) compared to the wave functions of the past because he was a witness of many Schrodinger cats? Or will he necessarily go to (true zero energy) vacuum because it’s “undefined” which of the past alternative world he comes to. Will this true vacuum destroy the present by vacuum decay?
  • Here is my magnetic flying engine concept: https://porton.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/magnetic-vehicle/ – I do know that an unmoving schema cannot be accelerated by a uniform magnetic field, but mine has moving parts – I tried to calculate its acceleration force two times and one produced a non-zero force and the other zero. I didn’t keep checking my calculations whether the force is non-zero, because I don’t really believe I did it right, but what if? (If it is correct, it is a perfect drive to Mars!)


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