(Luk. 12:35) “Let … be … your lamps burning”

Possibly, the main meaning of Bible is literal (not spiritual).

Didn’t Christ want us to keep our lamps burning in literal sense?

If yes, he wants us to contribute to global warming (possibly because such climate may be more comfortable for spirits) by burning our electric lamps.

However, this was in the age of Gospel when we were slaves of Christ, and you become free by knowing the truth from my book. The new age starts when we are no more slaves. As we are not slaves anymore, it possibly is our individual decision whether to contribute for or against global warming.

Also read in my book how Apocalypse (including 8th chapter, falling comet described in my book) about whether Apocalypse may be canceled. Likewise if we become friends of Christ not just slaves, he may cancel global warming.

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