Suppose you are a Christian. Suppose you are put in a situation when to save the world from a nuclear war and complete destruction of the mankind you need to lie. Should you say truth or lie?

I will repeat my earlier blog post:

Why God denounces lie? I think one of the reasons is the following:

If we play chess, we can easily move the pieces not by rules to win, but we don’t do this.

In the same way, honesty sometimes makes our task (and the task of God himself) more difficult, for greater glory of God that is more interesting party, and thus greater reward.

But if a nuclear war happens then the game on the Earth ends. If the game ends, honesty does not make any sense anymore in the framework of the game.

Well, it would make sense to keep honest even in this situation for the sake of the heavens, but do we know what honesty really means in the framework of heavenly concepts enough good to try to be honest in heavenly meaning?

So does it make sense to be honest in the situation of nuclear war? Now I think, no, no reason to be honest in this situation.

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