Tinder is a site to make sexual partners meet. It shows you a list of potential partners and helps you to choose. 6.6 million (November 2020) subscribers of this site.

The intention of the owners of the site is very clear: It is impossible to make this choice incidentally: They chose to match partners only by stupid choice criterions. They deliberately excluded any kinds of interests, readings, views, (good) deeds, intentions, love, education, and even life experiences. This choice can be made only with one deliberate purpose: To arrest 6.6 million people, that is exclude them from communication, make for them impossible to communicate about anything reasonable, to make them stupid, and finally to break natural selection and make people to evolve accordingly stupid criteria. They want to exclude any kind of mind or good from your children. They are working on making people monkeys.

We get this result: Tinder is not intended for your pleasure (you should feel depression instead of pleasure if you use this fascist site, anyway), it is intended for reproduction of its owners. Its owners are bastards and they want to make more bastards.

See? The only difference between owners of Tinder and Hitler is that Hitler had good intentions, Hitler wanted to make people better and they want to make you worse.

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