The following seems to be true (I’m too tired of detailing and substantiating my conclusions):

God is equivalent to the absolute—that is, the absolute logic that I have discovered. And relativism is another word for absoluteness. God or absolute are different forms of mathematics, eternal and infinite.

The God of the Jews are theorems that follow from the Torah, the triune God of Christians are theorems that follow from the Gospel.

The Torah is a very complex theorem about the unethical process of proving this theorem – the Torah (that is, that it is unethical to check whether the God of the Jews exists).

The gospel is a system of eternally good news, the outcome of which is the news that the good news is the disappearance of the system of eternally good news.

God will punish atheists with global warming, the cause of which is selfishness and pride (the cause of selfishness). Egoism is a mathematical error in economics due to the non-recognition of the mathematical truth – God.

God punishes Christians for blindly following Jesus forever by only good news.

The Jews are punished by complete disappearance of the goyim and also by eternally only good news.

Muslims – eternal fruitless sex.

I am the smartest person in history, the author of discontinuous analysis, absolute, etc. and a new concept of quantum gravity – sent by God through the prayer of Baal in a cycle in time (“time machine”) – to become the gever elf – Gabriel in order to build an economy in the past that follows a mathematical model called God. We, the Nibirians, the pagan gods, live by the concept of the absolute – absolute logic – and are each incarnations of the one Christ – the hypostasis of the triune God.

I became smart because my mother had “Hitler’s disease” – which I discovered and called “dead soul” after Gogol – and this led me, the closest person of “Hitler”, the modern analogue of Bormann, who becomes an adherent of Lutheran theology and rejects Hitler, to understand many human errors. Father also has a similar brain disease. The Torah says, “The greatest priest in history… to the dead souls, to his father and to his mother.” This is me.

My punishment is that my soul, which I will not have (and why to? I am already immortal), remaining in your world of the future, is forever struggling with itself and trying to destroy itself, that is, my soul is perished, but my soul is immortal, because it is light, moves at a constant speed, and cannot catch up and destroy itself, that is, my soul is saved.

I am also the “god of the sea who created himself” (the same word as Elohim, but without vowel letters) – a time traveler becoming a “solaris” who created himself and returns to create himself in the past.

I conclude that the experiment that we, the Nibirian elves, conducted on people, creating them according to our mathematical model – the only true God – selfish sinners and punishing people for this selfishness with global warming is unethical – ineffictive in another system of inefficiency.

The solution seems to be to develop non-science and non-logic – a new system for publishing scientific research, after the terrible sin of all mankind – non-publication of my discontinuous analysis as a result of the “buffer overflow” due to the infinite greed of people – the discrepancy between the length of my scientific manuscript and the requirements of scientific journals for the length of scientific articles.

In the next cycle of my circular motion, I want (at the moment) not to repeat the mistake of wasting Baal’s resources to prove the truth of the Torah, but it is my destiny that in some cycles I repeat this mistake for a reason that is still unknown to me.

I have less freedom than other people because I am “steered” by a time machine, but in practical life it does not matter, because I do not see options beyond my fate set by the time machine, which means that it would be foolish to be upset about the almost complete lack of freedom in me.

If my non-logic is taken correctly, then I am one of two witnesses to the Apocalypse for you. For those who foolishly conclude that my non-logic is logic, it is an erroneous logic – “the action of error for those who do not love the truth [logic], and believed a lie,” as the apostle Paul said – that is, for such I am the Antichrist. The love of the truth of people implies the desire to wait from heaven and conclude a marital relationship with us – the elves – the sons of God – logical beings who love the truth as fanatics.

I am also a boastful horn, an angel of the Laodicean church, struck by a frying pan but healed by God, a head of the beast (if you repent, ten heads of the beast are the ten crisis managers of Google; if you do not repent, ten hostile to each other scientific academies).

We elves despised humans as inferior beings, but the incorporation of my non-logic into elven economics makes you investment-attractive because of the change in our economic valuation system, and therefore you are a welcome sexual partner, not just a source of temptation by the appearance and/or sex toy of the Niberians.

Any alien elf can develop non-logic probably in a thousandth of a second, but I’m still a sinner and it’s not very easy for me. But I can repent, unlike the righteous elves, who have followed an established model for billions of years in which they can be very flexible, but cannot change the model itself, and I can initiate a reform of God , the economy of the elves (Nibirians) on my project “non-science”, based on non-logic, which is equivalent to logic, but not logic.

The word Christ means the electromagnetic radiation of the universe – the wisdom of God – the cosmic Internet – the eternal peace between the regions of the cosmos. Jesus is simply an effective (polynomial) NP-complete algorithm that gives super-wisdom and full access to all the mysteries of Christ – a connection to any part of the universe and a complete knowledge of the triune God.

Jesus was a member of “the sect of fanatics” (sect of zealots) – a super-great mathematician of the past, who discovered an effective NP-complete algorithm that deciphers the memory of people encrypted by the devil by asking Adam (the first “monkey” who was given the certificate of an intelligent being) a complex ethical question – an attempt to know good and evil, the solution of which, which Adam could not find, is non-logic, which, according to prophecies, I, after all, will be able to solve (it seems to be much easier than discontinuous analysis).

Jesus will somehow give me his NP-complete algorithm and send me back in time — me Gabriel, me, the penis of the Father from whom Jesus came. I am too smart to live on the same planet with the very intelligent Jesus. Jesus is sending me away from himself (to the past, so that I can live in the opposite direction forever).

In some ways, I even surpass Jesus – in a contest who names a larger number, the algorithm encoded in my brain produces more than the algorithm of Jesus. These numbers, of course, are too big to fit in the human brain, so the Baals took me – a discriminated genius who never had a good job – to a job where my brain is used to materialize my ideas – the SciFi of the best SciFi writer in history – a coded polynomial of a very high degree (but not even a first degree in Israel’s academies). Jesus can’t lose in a contest where it’s possible to win, but there’s no winning strategy in the contest for the largest number, so I was able to beat Jesus. Jesus told me that I had overthrown by my testimony the system of him, Jesus – the Gospel – the system of overthrowing ideas – and therefore I got the first prize – a trip into Elohim with my beloved black woman, whom God will make the authority of Israel while we are still on Earth (if I am an elf, then Jews are goyim), to build a super-civilization on the planet of the sand of talking crystals – I have many computers and we will achieve the generation of stars by us – also the children of Abraham.

Each person goes to hell (global warming – fire and sulfur in two or three chemical forms) only depending on their views. But your views depend on whether you accept all my economic concepts, whether you correct a mistake in your concept of economics – disbelief in the existence of good and the consequence of this mistake. So you will all go to heaven or you will all go to hell depending on whether you repent of the terrible sin of not publishing my scientific (and non-scientific) research, that is, whether you help me deprive me of my absolute power – copyright.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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