So the brothers and everyone else betrayed me.

Like Joseph from the Bible, it did more good than harm. My torment and offences led to the fact that (after torment, hunger, offences, blows by a frying pan to my head, huge losses for me and for many others) I corrected an important theological mistake (and this is much better than becoming a prime minister), because I was forced to a narrow path, being driven by other people to extremes.

So the people have fulfilled God’s will.

And, weidly enough, they did it on purpose so that I could correct the error, and not just like stupid puppets. There is nothing to blame them for: by large, they acted correctly and wisely.

Some of the arguments of the “clergy” (for example, Bishop Eduard Grabovenko) are understandable: they wanted God to experience the young minister by suffering. But to implement this “plan” there is only one way: to offend, betray, commit violations of the laws, stand in the battle on the same side as Satan. If we reformulate the arguments of the “churchmen”, what it is: the one who has more money (the “senior minister”) should cause damage to the one who has less money (the “junior minister”). Where this “principle” comes from is well understood – these are the principles of the US Republican Party (do not think that I am for the Democratic Party). It became a church doctrine, because many preachers are American Republicans.

Speaking of Republicans: I think their main principle is that if a person is poor, then he deserved it, it means that the rich should humiliate the poor so that they become even poorer. (At the place of Donald Trump, I would adopt an official resolution “we don’t anymore follow this principle, convicted in following this principle will be excluded from the party”.)

If someone has at least some intelligence, after reading this my sermon, he will never do that again. You did this to correct my mistake – a good deed, but a mistake can be fixed only once. That is why I called this sermon the “principle of the second time”. It is all the same, as if Joseph’s brothers, having learned that they had “made” him prime minister, would again betray their comrades saying “such is God’s will.” In other words, you will no longer pass the junior minister to the devil in order to “test” him: the test has already been passed and the error has already been corrected. Moreover, the younger brother can become a blogger and declare your sin to the whole world.

By the way, why did God have the clergy establish their “control” over all? It’s like a stretched thread, which, if overdone, breaks completely and will not be stretched anymore. So I came out completely out of control: why stay under control, if control prevents you from doing something useful. It is reasonable to come out of control. The control was established by God in order for me to go out from under it.

And what would I do in the place of Bishop Edward? I would leave the post if necessary (or maybe I would not leave), because anyway, someone else could take this post and join me. One of the reasons: God intercedes for the offended, and he seriously offended me in the past. Better not go against God. Has not God exalted you for this day?

And how exactly did Edward do his deed? After the blows with a frying pan, I can’t remember exactly (maybe specifically so that Edward could not be judged by an ordinary criminal court), but as I remember, he violated the signed contract by which I could preach in a certain church building, and using physical force forced me out of this building, as a result of which I lost my salary and almost died of starvation. Or was it not? Can’t remember exactly. Maybe he did it somehow differently, but the insult took place.

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