Today, 02 Sep 2021, I awoke about 2:40am and felt a strong noise.

No doubt it is not a tinnitus: I had no tinnitus yesterday and before and now I am taking multiple brain improvement medicines that would heal a tinnitus even if I had one.

I know this kind of noise: It is similar to what I felt when I was under radiation of a (Chinese?) high-frequency electronic lamp with a sparkling contact. I hope you know the experiment first done in 19 century: Two nearby needles sparkle from an electricity source and two other needles begin to sparkle by themselves when placed several meters apart from that source of energy. That’s called radio-frequency waves or just radio waves. Sparkling contacts is a strong source of radiation. When contacts are both sparkling and under a high frequency generator as in that lamp, the radiation is very strong.

I had disgusting noise inside my head. It seemed that it ceases when I leave that place.

For a few months I were unable to understand what happens: It seemed to contradict the laws of physics: “It cannot be a so much powerful energy source.” But the lamp started to flash and I realized what it was.

Then I did an experiment: The strength of the noise in my head had a strong hardcore dependency on where I stayed in the room. Moreover, my mother noticed the same: She felt a noise dependent on the position in the same way as I did. So, I observed some diffraction pattern.

The noise seemed to be like 50-100Hz (now I understand that’s modulated electromagnetic waves). So, it is ruled out by laws of physics that this was acoustic waves: 50-100Hz acoustic waves have far to big wavelengths to produce a diffraction pattern in a few meters big room (In fact the wavelength that I detected this way was about 1-2 m). The conclusion is inevitable: That were modulated electromagnetic waves. And they disappeared when lamp was off.

I worked on a science and climate project and behaved like a drunkard (you can see my eyes (TBH: refer to the video) silly moving like under a narcotic), and failed it, because I was excluded from the competition. So, probably a few billions people died as a result (well, I invented a new, probably even better plan after that failure).

So, now somebody attacked me after I published in my video on YouTube with words (about a weaker noise) like “Some energy source is turned on, probably it’s an RLS. I will know who does this and you (who turn on such harmful energy radiators) will be revenged.” Is it Putin? Is it Israel? USA? (Shortly before this I threatened USA with magic, if they violate rights.)

This terract had a good effect: it caused me to think about these things.

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