The magis say about Jesus (Mat. 2:2) “… for we have seen his star in the east…”

Note “his”. Jesus had his own star since birth.

A recent (2005) hypothesis advanced by Frank Tipler is that the star of Bethlehem was a supernova or hypernova occurring in the nearby Andromeda Galaxy. [1]

A supernova may transform into a neutron star. So, it seems that Jesus “had” a neutron star, probably a magnetar.

From this we know that stars do service for (all or some) people. Stars are somehow related to destiny and probably character of a human.

We know that stars are far away from us and electromagnetic interchange with them is too slow (especially if that star was in Andromeda galaxy) for events of a life of a human to relate to a star. But stars may synchronize their actions with the Earth by controlling events on the Earth and predicting them beforehand. Or maybe, it may be quantum entanglement between that star and body of Jesus.

So, Jesus was not only on the Earth but also presented in the heaven since birth.

The star led Jesus or Jesus led the star? Apparently, Jesus led the star, because star is called “his”, not Jesus called “star’s”.

[1] Frank J. Tipler (2005). “The Star of Bethlehem: A Type Ia/Ic Supernova in the Andromeda Galaxy?” (PDF). The Observatory. 125: 168–74. Bibcode:2005Obs…125..168T.

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