In continuation of this sermon (more precisely, about the words of the Bible before those):

John 19

20 This announcement was read by many of the Jews, because the place where Jesus was crucified was not far from the city, and it was written in Hebrew, in Greek, in Roman. 21 And the chief priests of the Jews said to Pilate, Do not write: the King of the Jews, but what He said: I am the King of the Jews. 22 Pilate answered: What I wrote, I wrote.

The meaning is something like this:

By announcement, God means what the Bible says, especially this fragment of the Bible and in general my blog has to do with it.

“Read” literally means “know again.” This means that we recognize God, whom we have forgotten, again and that we will again know the forgotten knowledge of antiquity.

Jews are both Jews in the literal sense and Christians (spiritual Jews). It is also Messianic Jews.

City is the word single-rooted with profit, make profit. This means that the practical benefits for us are not far from the place of the Bible where Jesus was crucified. Apparently, this and the adjacent places of the Bible should be studied especially carefully. It also means the doctrine and movement of prosperity (see below).

“Hebrew, Greek, Roman” means three Christian denominations: Messianic Jews, Orthodox and Greek Catholics, and Catholics.

Pilate is what prevents Christians from developing, oppressing, discriminating. Pilate is the one who crucified Jesus, that is, this is my “self-conceit”. Or Pilate is our understanding of the word of God. Pilate is also the image of Jesus, Jesus is putting himself to death, because all the words of the Bible speak of Jesus (John 5:39).

The king of the Jews means the foundation of our religion, that is, the Torah, because the word “king” is one-root with the word “foundation”.

“He said: I am the King of the Jews” means that the Bible says that it is the foundation of the faith of the Jews and Christians.

Jesus means intergalactic contact code.

“Crucified” means Christ’s self-denial, that is, His renunciation of old Christianity.


What God began to reveal through me will be read by many Christians and even Jews. This is because the doctrine of prosperity, although it is not in the place where Jesus’s cross is, but not far from it, but God decided to begin to bless us, to unfold this my (but not mine, but His) plan. That is, real prosperity is when we apply the cross of Jesus within ourselves, which is a source of inner blessing (such as glory and knowledge of God within us, the presence of the Holy Spirit), and therefore external (money, for example, public good, in general).

The place where we lost intergalactic contact, that is, the name of Jesus, not far from the “city”. That is, a little more is not enough for our cities to live in contact (the Millennial Kingdom). This means that for contact you need to connect with the crucifixion of Jesus.

What is written, is written for Messianic Jews, Orthodox and Catholics. If you are a Messianic Jew, Orthodox or Catholic, then this is primarily for you. Do not ignore.

The hierarchs of Christians taught to apply the foundation of the Jews, that is, the Torah, that she, the Torah, says that it is necessary to apply it to the “I”, that is, to myself. This is wrong: watch this sermon.

“He answered” means that Jesus began to answer us. A new stage of history began, Jesus spoke to us like never before. In other words, the seals of the book about which the Apocalypse speaks, that is, the seven “codes” of the secrets of the Bible, are beginning to be removed, but I am too lazy to write now about this in detail.

The word “wrote” is one-root with the word “Scripture,” which means that Jesus, betraying His body, that is, the Church (which means the end of the Gospel era and the beginning of the transition to the Millennium Kingdom) to spiritual death, answers us that what He wrote He himself wrote, speaking of the Bible. Jesus confirms that these are actually His words. This is another strong confirmation that God is really saying something through me, even though I can distort His words. But at the same time, it wrote our understanding of the word of God (Pilate), which closes the truth from us. These are His words, not our invention, but it says Pilate, that is, it is said through our desire to kill Jesus, that is, to cease contact.

You can also translate “what I wrote, wrote “me”.” That which destroys the life of Jesus in us is when our “me” writes. But it can be translated and “what “me” wrote, “me” wrote.” This means that what we write from our “I”, interpreting the Bible, the Lord writes through us. Or else “what “me” wrote, “me” wrote.” What our “I” writes is written by our “I”, and not entirely by God.

The above shows us, even though I cannot formulate them precisely, the principles of studying the Bible within the framework of a specific plan that God revealed to me in this sermon. Understand the meaning of the word “Pilate” as Jesus, who is surrendering to death, and re-read the above fragment of the Bible yourself.

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