In this post I want to present my opinion on what is evil and how there can be evil in the world created by good God. I don’t quote Bible in this post, it is mainly a philosophic assessment (however without trying to prove that it is correct).

First, evil is mainly related with Satan and sin. Sin is a denial of service attack (something what prevents a computer or in our case a brain to function properly), which attempts to reverse the function of an entity to do the opposite to what it should do.

It is essential to note that sin is a problem which needs to be solved. It needs to be dealt with on a certain stage of the development of the universe.

In my opinion, there is no absolute evil. An evil is a part of bigger good or not clearly seen good. Consider sin as a problem which needs to be passed through. “Evil” is seeing good not clearly. God does no evil.

Everything what God created is good. Bad things are only parts of God’s creation separated from the entire system. Even sin is in some sense good as it is a problem and a problem with solution is good thing. A bad thing is a problem without solution.

Another thing I want to note is the following: In an entity struck with sin, every small step of its behavior is correct. The system is wrong on large scale.

Reversely, acts of God are correct on the large scale despite small fragments of the work of God may look like wrong.

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