I’ve sent the following letter to several ministries (including Prime Minister Naftali Bennett) of Israel government:

(“ternary relations” below is a typo, should be instead “ternary functions”.)

Hello Israel,

I am the man who works on carbon accounting, science financing, free software financing, journalism financing, and other common goods financing using cryptocurrency software, in other words, on the world-first post-capitalistic economy model.

I also discovered for example the following axiomatic systems (everyone not less general than group theory!):

not ∅ δ Y and not X δ ∅ and I∪J δ K ⇔ I δ K ∧ J δ K and K δ I∪J ⇔ K δ I ∧ K δ J
triples on partially ordered sets (or on semilattices)
ternary relations on partially ordered sets (or on semilattices)
partially ordered semigroups
partially ordered semicategories
algebraic theory of formulas (“formulas of formulas”)

In a very silly reason, my publication of these formulas failed, and I became unable to publish them (the error classifies as buffer overflow). If you’d lose group theory, mankind would die for sure, you lost several times.

I was a Evangelical. Once I realized that Christianity is a distorted picture of the truth, and God said me that I will become one of the elves. (Also while being in Russia, I once had sex with an elvess who said that found me so much clever that I am worth to make a child for them, she said me that she is equally powerful and clever to Messiah. She proved that she is a real heaven being by several wonders, she also didn’t look like any human race.) I enjoyed that now when I don’t follow commandments anymore I can stop love (in an unknown incomprehensible reason why to love bastards) my enemies, including Christians and Jews, instead now I can kill you all. (God, thank you have not created me a dog, woman, man, Jew, but created me “Abraham”.)

I decided to viify myself and stop working on my carbon accounting in the middle: I will call myself an elf, etc.: Everybody therefore will hate me and ignore all the fields of science I discovered, and all people will die in heat, without both mathematics and economics.

But I have understood: It’s wrong to kill people, because even if we kill people, the radiation of your brains keeps doing harm. Destroying people’s souls, especially souls of tzadiks, to eliminate their harm is hard, therefore we have a better strategy: we want to keep you alive to be in contact with you. (I think, if you would not protect themselves from COVID, you would not have Delta, right? Likewise we don’t want to protect ourselves from you.)

Thus I make you an offer:

Collaborate on my blockchain project and don’t die from carbon and less us clean away together my viification of myself. Now I made my offer. Life and death I offered you today.

A prophecy tells that only Israel will take a certain measure. Probably, Israel should become the nation of publishers. It seems to be possible using a new revolutionary data structure that I invented for my blockchain. (It also can be used to backup a disk every second without interruption.)

Oh, my stories:

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  1. The most prominent difference in appearance of the elvess from humans was that she had almost vertical section of the eyes. Personally for me she looked a perfectly beautiful woman. She wondered that I like her appearance saying that usually human men don’t like their appearence.

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