I have reconciled with Mercy Nekesa.

Fake Wife

The marriage certificate with Victoria Amunga

[This is my letter to Victoria Amunga, who became a Voice of America journalist in order to speak so loudly that she would not hear my voice. Mad woman Victoria Amunga didn’t believe in the obvious truth that God will revenge that bastard woman by my prayer that I will receive a louder voice that her.]
I told some of these things to Victoria. I got a phone to record our conversation as a video, but he hid behind a door. So I told her just some of the things I am writing here. Here I reprise our conversation and add more:
(I married a Kenyan Victoria yesterday after paying her parents $800 + $200 debt bride price.)
A wife is defined in the Bible as a suitable helper. You didn’t help me suitably. So you are a fake wife. Our marriage certificate is a fake document, so I am not going to deliver it to the Israel authorities to get you a visa as this would be illegal. And why would I do? It looks like that soon I could have a good work to hire a servant instead of you to do the homework.
I asked you to write a short article for my blog explaining my idea about my recently invented technology “crypto reward courts” to save the world from poverty and underfinancing and probably even stop global warming. But you steadfastly served to your holy Baal-TV even refusing to speak to me.
When you told you this, you answered: “Why should I work, don’t force me”. I replied: “If you had love, the love would force you to work”. She didn’t even reply to say whether she thinks if she has love.
Bible says that a virtuous wife’s price is worth of sapphires. I think human body weight sapphire would cost trillions dollars. This is the estimation of the amount of good works a wife does. It would be a good work if you helped me with this project.
The difference between a wife and a prostitute is that a wife is worth more. So if you are not worth a trillion dollars, so you are not a wife but a prostitute.
You were a bad prostitute. I request your parents to return the price paid by me for the weight of sapphires, as it was fake that she is a Christian. If you don’t return the money for this fake merchandise, I am going to put you into a prison for selling a fake merchandise. She’s baptism is fake, as she does not have love.
You asked why you should obey you. I answered: Sarah called her husband “master” (it means that she obeyed him). Bible calls Sarah a virtuous wife. So it logically follows that Sarah was worth many trillions dollars if to measure her “weight” in modern money. You are not worth the $800 I paid you, so you’d better stay on your knees before me because I do have love (both for the world and for Christ that is for mathematics) and you don’t. If you don’t love mathematics that is Christ, you are better to feel on your knees when you meet a mathematician like me. It is because like St. Paul I denied everything for the all-exceeding knowledge.
You say “I do work.” meaning that you work for money. It implies that you hate God because Jesus taught that you can’t love two masters: God and money, if you love one you will hate another.
I asked you what Moses or Elijah would do if saw that you serve to Baal-TV more than to God. Your heart was stone. No reply.
You didn’t even agree for enough sex. She tried to speak with me as little as possible. Your claim that you love me was fake.
Christians associate themselves with angels, you associate yourself with a woman of this world, so you are a sexual pervert.
In short, Victoria is a typical Baptist serving to the mother Earth, our evil mother that I hate as Jesus said to hate our mother.
That I have a divorce, is not a problem at all. I have zero reputation because I dedicated my life to God not to men. So my reputation can’t be harmed. And I yet have no fake money (dollars, I mean), so the divorce won’t harm my finances.
I really don’t divorce a wife, I just made a mistake, slept with a prostitute. But even if I would divorce, I do not live by the law forbidding to divorce, as everybody who lives accordingly the law is under God’s anger.

Later addition: She is a believer in the fake science that math talent is measured by longevity of a sexual act. She also is a believer in the fake science that if a sexual act was once of a bad quality then both: a. it would kept to be of a bad quality if tried to be repeated; b. it is always because of a man, not for a woman who decided to do it in the worst dress she had and not even follow my plea to ogle for me and also has an extremely big vagina, what she essentially faked me to be of normal size.

Answer, a vile bastard: You are before the court of God. BTW, I cursed Kenya for you, Mercy Wafula Nekesa, and your lawyer Polycarp Tembpa for fire, earthquakes, and drough. Today I saw in TV a big part of Africa, apparently fully including Kenya fully in fire. You didn’t come to God, God came to you!

You fake Christian tried to force me to do what I want while I didn’t want to do what I want. Vile bastard, now I do what I want: I wanted to fire Kenya and I did as you wanted me to do what I want.

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5 thoughts on “Letter to Victoria Amunga

  1. 06/04/2021, 19:23 – Kenya lawyer: Let’s go back to the issue of Victoria, what criminal charges should we sue her for?
    06/04/2021, 19:24 – Victor Porton: 1. unjust enrichment (as she was an intermediary for receiving money from me to her parents, preachers, and some crypto) and did absolutely nothing good for me after taking money, despite of of what she said to do; 2. fraud (as she lied about her… everything); 3. creating a danger for my health as she lied that there is no malaria in Kenya when welcoming me; 4. rape (she made me have sex with her by a disinformation) – it is a kind of representing herself as another person: her personality was completely different than one she told me about herself.

  2. A letter I sent (and it was ignored) to Kenyan Police:

    Hello police,

    This is a crime report by Victor Lvovich Porton, 1980 year birth, living in Ashkelon, Israel.

    I am a Russian and Israeli citizen.

    The following crime was committed against me while I was in Nairobi West, Kenya:

    I was sold a fake merchandise by

    – Franklyn Amunga (father of Victroria Amunga, resided in Kakamega)

    – Millicent Owano Amunga (mother of Victroria Amunga, resided in Kakamega)

    Namely I paid them $800 through Victoria Amunga for the price of a fiance and several payments later through crypto.

    The merchandise was advertised as a Christian woman.

    In fact, she is not a Christian:

    – She refuses to work charity works in her free time, even a small work of great importance.

    – She herself claimed that “works only for money” that is an equivalent of saying “I serve only to money” and therefore not to God.

    – She lied to me several times, including saying she:

    — will study mathematical logic

    — that she agrees with my theology (as it turned out, she didn’t even read it!)

    — that she agrees that Christians do free work (as she agreed before the registration of the marriage)

    — that she agrees that we should do not what we want

    — and she cheated by a deed doing like as if she will do charity works before the marriage

    – accordingly of her own words, she now hates me (what a Christian can’t do)

    – She was extremely reluctant in sex, what Christian women don’t do, because the Bible says that their bodies are husband’s not their.

    – She told that there is no malaria in Kenya. (This is also providing false information dangerous for health, as a part of a fraud.)

    So, there was a fact of selling a fake merchandise, unfounded enrichment (she did absolutely no good for me), treat for health, serious crimes.

    She also told me she is in Ghana. Apparently she lied as now she works in MetropolTV twitter.

    No doubt, she should be put into a psychiatric clinic for doing all these crimes without any utility for her (I refused to welcome her to Israel as she wanted after I realilized she is a fake), as a dangerous pathological liar. She is an especially dangerous pathological liar, as she works as a journalist.

    I am a victim of:

    Victoria Khasoa Amunga and her parents

    Accordingly to her:
    Address: p.o.box 2364 Accra, Ghana.
    Place of work: Zee production cooperation,
    Born 12 Jun 1988,
    email: viamunga@gmail.com

    Crimes alleged:

    1. unjust enrichment (as she was an intermediary for receiving money from me to her parents, preachers, and some crypto) and did absolutely nothing good for me after taking money, despite of of what she said to do; 2. fraud (as she lied about her… everything); 3. creating a danger for my health as she lied that there is no malaria in Kenya when welcoming me; 4. rape (she made me have sex with her by a disinformation).

  3. Accordingly to this source and this source Victoria Amunga is married during 10 years. Is it true? If she really has been already married when I came to Kenya, how did Kenyan authorities allow me to marry her? Maybe she had a marriage certificate in Tanzania but not in Kenya?

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