I noticed long time ago that the psychiatric state of my mother seems to be similar to the state of Hitler. Sadly, my mother wasn’t hospitalized.

Her political views expressed by words like “Execute everybody!” and similar are also very much similar to ones of Hitler.

Instead of being hospitalized she, being rather a good propagandist despite of her abnormal stupidity, applied the following strategy in the Noviye Vodniki neighborhood of city Perm of Russia:

She used to give vodka for free to her acquintances and speak with them and gained many friends.

Being the most close human to hitler in childhood, I gained understanding of the behavior of hitler and her fallacies. My systematic (however unpublished, because I modeled this in mind) study of her fallacies and illogicity made me unusually aware of the kinds of fallacies that people produce. This helped me to better understand fallacies of other people, too. As I gained this knowledge, I “revolted” against hitler, that is stopped to follow these fallacies.

I also tried to inform people that we had a dangerous propagandist of hate, illogicity, and denial of submitting to God there.

To mitigate my resistance to “hitler”, she applied to me first psychological violence such as shouting and threatening, then physical, such as extreme hunger. She also “loves” (“How good that there is Leponex!”, she loves to gives her loved pills to somebody, in general) psychotropic drugs and her actions caused me to be put me in a situation where I was forced to accept “treatment” by psychotropic drugs. Her strong propagandist abilities (she by the way worked as a political propagandist in several opposite political parties at once) made psychiatrists to accept her ideas about particulars of my psychological state and to choose a particular treatment. (In fact I was hospitalized for my belief in aliens, and she herself spoke about aliens all the time during a long period of time, so psychiatry is extermely discriminatory.)

Forcing me to be escorted by her while I was visiting a Baptist church this “dear sister” (I tried to inform Baptists that she does not believe in God, etc., but they ignored.) intruded that Baptist church with her non-Baptist and quite non-Christian ideas, more similar to Hitler’s or pagans ideas.

So, I did saw her strategy in the city neighborhood. I don’t think that her strategy is clever. Definitely, her strategy is stupid: For example, she did not gained much money and a big house that she wants.

But I propose for serious treatment a scientific hypothesis: Despite of her strategy not implementing her purposes effectively, she reached a purpose not foreseen by herself (and not fully understood by me): made an informational “virus” that spread her variant of fascism to the whole world. No doubt, she would not persuade a professor by a direct audial contact with a professor, because a human knowing formal logic can see her fallacies, but I deem not impossible that her ideas could mutate and develop becoming more complex and seeming more logical in the way, what I was unable to check by “seeing” because of going of ideas outside of the neighborhood. If it is so, it seems scientifically feasible that she intruded stupid harmful political, economical, and religious ideas into minds even of intellectual elite (and thus set ideologies of international economists and politicians).

Also note that she served in a both a beginning and middle school as the main class teacher and (funny thing!) a teacher of mathematics, and in a women’s “zona” (a Russian variant of a prison – by the way in the US prisons seem to be even worse than zonas) as “vospitatel” (a mentor responsible for morality of the prisoners).

I thank God for being in a close contact with Hitler: It made me to see fallacies of people and to become to be determined to understand fallacies and to become a great scientist.

Among her funny fallacies: She both says that there is no God and keeps “using” icons and related things service.

I do confess that in the above written I follow a propagada style of expression.

The scientific conclusion: The ideas of this hitler need to be investigated and eliminated from society. The research requires funding of a security-issue class research.

Also note that she is a well-respected pensioner woman in Ashkelon, Israel.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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