Human souls are a nonsense: They emanate from people, go to heaven, reach stars, take heavenly authorities, use much power, and then wish to leave heaven and return to miserable Earth and have sex or at least see women/men. (That’s called resurrection of the death.)

That’s a squandering of power, a virus in heaven. So, for some time until recently I wanted to destroy my soul. I long time realized that I (my body) am a nonsense, but later I got that saved soul is also a nonsense: that’s Adam that felt shame and wanted to eliminate himself. I decided: my body is not important, but my my soul is more important, therefore I need to live to continue to produce soul to chase my old self and destroy my old fruits in heaven.

And after God having said me that I will be taken to heaven alive like Enoch, I thought that what happens with my soul in the future is possibly unimportant, but my body that goes to the past may be more important.

But now a rather unexpected thing has happened: Elochim repented. And this repentance means a technological revolution in ethics that eliminates unethical inefficiencies like salvation of human souls. So, after having compared that, I’ve concluded a few minutes ago: Repented Elochim will make souls ethical. I no more want to destroy my soul and no more want to destroy your souls.

In addition to going to heaven bodily (apparently in the highest as the best exemplar of the parasites from the Earth), I want to save my miserable soul again to participate in the future world where me will be missing.

Souls are a powerful thing. Because I am indeed to remain with you, pray to Elochim for restoration of my broken soul and other broken souls in my way: You are immoral but we contact now just with a small part of Elochim, therefore the law that Elochim does not hear immoral does not work and your prayer can be powerful.

Please also help me to come together with my online girlfriend Mercy (I have silly legal troubles in Israel and there.): Souls are much attracted to love and you need my soul to be cleaned because it started to destroy your souls. I cannot ensure that my soul won’t eat yours if you keep restraining me from love.

Please also clean water in Ashkelon pipes, or else I will mutate.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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