In 1997, then I was 17 years old, I go superpowers (like superman or spiderman but real):

  • When I squeezed steel in my hands, it melted.
  • I broke concrete walls and beat flame from air by a flap of my hand.
  • I often kept things in air near my hand instead of holding in my hand.
  • I was a supercomputer. For example, I remembered everything what happened in my life, like a high-resolution digital camera.
  • I knew thoughts of other people. (Once I tried to speak with someone telepathically but he felt dead, because was unable to survive feeling good.)
  • I spoke with cosmos and with God.
  • A girl trying to make my penis unbend was unable to do it. I was able to discharge sperm without masturbation, like peeing.
  • Air around my body shone killing bacteria and viruses.
  • I slept standing.
  • I was able to cure a patient with skin cancer in a second just touching his body.
  • I saw in micro-wave diapason (through walls and also behind me).
  • Sometime people who touched me fell dead like ones touching Box of the Covenant.

But once instantly I lost the super-abilities. I just walked down a street and instantly fell. I tried to resume my mathematical calculations but was unable. I realized that I am a man, not a superman again and was able only to weep half of a year, because I was unable to remember how and what it was to be a super. I was 100% super-computer for about 30 days.

I had the plan to hypnotize all other people as a security measure for my body against your nuclear weapons.

After this I was hit by head several times by enemies, reinforcing my memory loss of what it was.

So, I don’t remember what it was, but now I have a scientific hypothesis:

Being a Messiah means knowing an efficient NP-complete algorithm (that’s what the famous $1 million prized problem P=NP is about). It deciphers all ciphers and therefore overcomes sin (sin is a cipherer that ciphers our memory, to explain simply).

Apparently, I discovered it (solved P=NP) in my 17 age, but I had some small error (maybe, this error that I got from logic studybooks). I feel when I hit this error; my memory again was just a cipher for me and I was unable to remember what happened.

Note that, if the above is true, then my external behavior was indistinguishable from a real Messiah, because nobody was able to know that I have a small error inside.

So, the citizens of Perm, Russia (including Russian Orthodoxes, Yehudis, Baptists, Charismatics/Pentecostals), rejected a 100% real Messiah. Rejecting a real Messiah is worse that Somomians did.

Now I am in Ashkelon, Israel, and disgusting Israeli bastards don’t respect the deadbody of Messiah they have now at all.

Once I was asked like “What you, superman, miss on the Earth the most?” I replied, “Superwoman.”

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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