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Please support our project to use cryptocurrency to help poor scientists (actually, helping poor scientists is much better than helping poor people that don’t work, because a poor scientist is a person who is poor despite he/she works) and, probably more importantly, to help to obtain money for scientific publishing of every scientific text, be the author rich or poor, has formal academic credentials or no. The project uses advanced blockchain software on fast and non-expensive Internet Computer blockchain.

In the US most scientists earn well, but around the world there are poor people who nevertheless dedicate their time to solution of important for all the world scientific problems. Even in the US there are people who do real scientific research despite of missing scientific degree and are just… not paid for their work.

The current state of scientific publishing is lamentable, as it is controlled by publishing moguls who are interested only in multiplying their money, not in advancement of science. It happens both: publishing nonsense works that have no value for science and obstacles (mainly of money but also of other reasons like limits of word count) to publishing good and important scientific works. A lamentable example is that ordered semigroup actions and Discontinuous Analysis were discovered but failed to be published.

Even worse, the stupid system of this world lays the exclusive responsibility for distributing his/her research to the author, who may even be unable to do this because of being too poor. So, all the world lamentably depends on one poor person. It is a lottery won for the entire world if a scientist is rich and loss if he is poor. Yet even worse, wrong publishing a key discovery casts shadow of negligence on a big sector of science. In other words, saving civilization is the work of the drowning themselves. We need both to help poor scientists now and also change the system. The scientific publishing and grants system needs not amendment but replacement. Our nonprofit works on this.

Donating to this project, you plant a small seed that will grow big: When our software will be ready, many more donations will join yours. We just need to start on the hardest part of the way, the beginning.

There is probably no better way to help mankind to gather and interpret knowledge than supporting this project (especially in mathematics, because math research is usually done without costly equipment, everybody can do math research if he/she is smart enough, thus calling for the quest of inclusivity not only in math research itself but also in math publishing). Supporting this project, you also support carbon accounting and help poor scientists. Please use the donation form below.

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A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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