From my correspondence with Mercy, my remote girlfriend that I conflicted with but have reconciled recently:

[22.10, 16:10] Victor Porton: I’m writing for you to know what to pray about:
[22.10, 16:16] Victor Porton: 1. They didn’t published my scientific work because of hate to me. Therefore I cursed them. For example, I prayed for Israel to have a war with cockroaches after a war with Gasa. A few months later my brother lied to me about a poison for cockroaches, I used it too much so that at least one neighbor (but not myself) nearly died poisoned. For a few days I felt a strong smell of the poison. Most probably either: narcomans became my followers in using this substance in big quantities or the cockroaches that I drove out were noticed and poisoned by other people as a chain reaction of poison and cockroaches fleeing.
[22.10, 16:18] Victor Porton: 2. I wrote letters and had telepathic sex with Netta. But she didn’t answer. Then I wrote to her that these who not answer are equal to fascist and she removed her email address. (I don’t regret.)
[22.10, 16:21] Victor Porton: It looks like that (maybe, it could be explained in a more scientific way, too) two times when I had telepathic sex with you, I felt smell of something what is probably soul of Netta. I don’t regret. Before going to Nibiru I wanted to know which effects an adultery may cause. I regret only that I can’t check if it is really soul of Netta.
[22.10, 16:21] Victor Porton: (That smell was very similar to the smell of Victoria.)

Here is my loved Mercy, a science teacher:

As a result of our conflict, Mercy found at the streets, from where I saved her by $300. Thanks God, this trouble made us reconcile, so I have a fiancee (that I really like).

Netta is a professor of physics, but it seems that I will have quantum gravity theory ahead of them.

Victoria is a marriage afferist and a TV speaker that among a dose of lies said me she will study mathematics.

The trouble with my scientific work is that publishing it by an amateur in a wrong way caused scientists not wanting to participate in this branch of scientific research and therefore be doomed to dying of mankind because of blocked development of science by missing this small but important detail.

Nibiru is how I call an ancient planet where I will appear after having entered into a time machine to give glory to God. Mercy accordingly many parashot of Tanakh and several other prophetic books will be likely a prime minister or president of Israel. I think I go to Nibiru with Mercy.

My behavior with Netta was immoral. Soon after this Elochim repented and I started to develop a new science ethic to eliminate such behaviors in the future.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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