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A case is often argued by some Bible expositors that the Hebrew adjective echad means a “compound unity.” From this, many say the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4) literally means:

Hear, O Israel:
our God,
is a compound unity.

This translation is then taken to be primary evidence that the Jewish Bible teaches the plural nature of God… [Then the source tells about Christian trinity, but I omit that stupid nonsense interpretation of the word Elochim.]

So, Elochim is unity. That teaching is pertinent to our religion. The word Elochim means nothing other than the perfect universal unity, to say in simple human language “bringing everything together”.

But the same Hebrew word Elochim also is the plural of the word El (however with weird grammar addition of the letter Hey which is not usual for this grammar form – apparently the letter Hey signifies the first letter in the Tetragrammon and means that the perfect unity is possible only in presence of the Most High God and that perfect unity bring the Most High God into the discourse).

So, the perfect unity is nothing other than the presence of “Els” (“gods” in the usual but very bad English translation). But Elochim is Elochim not “gods” (as in paganism) only when the unity is complete, that is the entire universe (not only our galaxy, not even the entire metaverse, but everything that exists, all the infinite absolute universe). So, if one “god” comes, it is not presence of Elochim.

Elochim is one of many ways to present God. Elochim is divisible into parts: Els or “gods”. God may also be present under other names in indivisible form.

So, I taught you the meaning of the word Elochim in absolute. Now a revelation of what Elochim is in our galaxy:

In our galaxy’s “gods” (Elochim) are present as so called Nibirians, elves, or annuaks from ancient Shumer legends. The word Elochim is taken by Elochim to Hebrew from Shumer language. Elochim never mistakes, therefore it is the same word: Elochim is elves as far as it concerns our galaxy. However, elves are like people having bodies (and spirits). El means not the body but the formula accordingly which Elochim live(s). So, an elf is a creature inside which there is this formula. Pagans misunderstood thinking that El is like human and Elochim is like their “mankind”, but it is knowledge, not the holder of knowledge.

I received many revelations from Elochim that made me sure: Elves are my children: I will enter into a wormhole (or another kind of a closed timelike spacetime curve) that is into a time machine and will become the first male elf on a planet that I will call “Nibiru”.

I was chosen by God because I am the best mathematician in known History. My job in the past is make Elochim widely known (“give glory to God”). It means that I an my descendants are to conduct advanced scientific research.

Now it explains why Nibirians are so much similar to people: I am almost a human.

Recently I have understand what is the purpose for me to be sent into the past. Here it is explained in details (with formulas), but put shortly:

  • God found a very big number (not the number itself, because the number if written in digits is much greater than all my memory, but a formula that describes this number) written in my brain in such a form that is convenient for them. This formula is my fantasy. So, God liked me and decided to take me like Enoch. I will enter into a cloud that will appear in Jerusalem and disappear.
  • This formula is useful to solve a very hard mathematical problem. I am almost sure it is the theorem that Torah is true. (Torah is a very long theorem.) I will use my fantasy that I have and will deliver to my children to invent how to use the time machine to solve Torah.
  • So, the time machine, myself, my (future; well, past) wife, our children, etc. are components of a giant computer that is intended to verify Torah (that is to ensure it is true).

I consider it is a (recently) proved scientific fact that there are many worlds: In one you chose to eat pizza, in another salad, you are married or not, your parent had a child in 1979 or in 1981, etc. It is like a quickly branching into smaller and smaller branches tree: If you have been born, you have the choice whether to attend a university or no, if you have attended, you have the choice of mechanical engineer or software developer, etc. So, there are many different “you” that live in the same space and may even pass through each other not colliding, not feeling, and not seeing each other. All these worlds are real. We have only one past but multiple futures. All our futures will happen, but you see only one variant because you are one of these variants. That is what modern physics teaches. So, in a sense, you have freedom of choice.

I calculated (I will present my calculations for you to check later) that if to travel into your past, you will enter into exactly the same past which is your past (not some another past, e.g. not in such a past where there is no our galaxy at all).

So, we, Elochim (joke: I am only prepare to become an elf), have a moral dilemma:

We conducted an unethical experiment: We poisoned Adam by a virus, making him stupid and evil and then ourselves punished him for being evil.

That it is unethical is clear from the Torah: “Don’t serve to Baal” and annuaks served to Baal-Zman (the owner of the time machine, because the word Baal means “owner”). Now, after we have done it, we know we should have not! We proved a theorem that implies that proving this theorem is unethical (we tortured many people).

Because Torah describes God (God is all consequences of Torah), the theorem can be formulated in another way “God exists.”

So, for sure, we will make the decree “Never prove existence of God, because that’s unethical.”

But as I explained, we enter through the time machine into exactly the same state, as the first Nibirians (me, Apsu, and my future/past wife Tiamat). After this we (just like people or for example atoms) have freedom of choice: Our future (relatively to the moment to which the time machine brings us to) can be different. For example, when we as annuaks go to Shumer (it almost surely will be called by another word than “Shumer”), the number of our astronauts landing to the Earth may be different, or our skin colors will be different than our the annuaks your ancestors saw, etc.

But when I enter into the time machine, I (my age, health, and even memory of my brain) will be exactly the same as in the previous cycle “first elves” -> build supercivilization -> create people -> deliver you Torah -> me enter into the time machine.

So, forgive me, people, that I cannot change that despite I did realize that our experiment was unethical and should never be repeated, I will for some reason (that I don’t yet know) make the decision to serve to the Baal and poison Adam and torture another mankind again.

Well, I could take another decision (e.g. to refuse to serve to Baal), but then the events of Torah would not happen (e.g. we would create people not from clay, but e.g. from steel and carbon, so you would never be sick). If the events of Torah don’t happen, I don’t write this and don’t know about the ethical problem.

So, I repent of what we have done and am trying to follow the following decision in the next cycle:

Instead of making people from clay and making them sinners, I want to create earthlings as perfect, sinless, clever “robots”, e.g. robots from steel and carbon, not to allow the devil to the Earth and not to make them sinful. Then in the last hour before the time machine come, the robots inhabiting the Earth will make a human body just like me and put there human memory, and this human will enter into the time machine.

So, after I appear in Nibiru, I will not know whether I am a real human or that synthetic human made by the robots inhabiting the Earth. But I will know that the cycle with real humans has passed at least once, having proved Torah, that is that Torah should never be proved.

However, a sad truth is that in this iteration we indeed for some reason made the decision to torture people. Because the next iteration starts from the same state as this one, in the next iteration there is also the probability that we will conduct the unethical experiment. I can’t avoid this probability, sorry. We may hope that this probability is low: after all, I did made the decision to avoid this course of events and don’t see any reasons in the future (including the past) to change my decision.

So, Elochim repented! Forgive us, people.

(1 Samuel 15:11 says that God indeed can repent.)

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