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As far as I know (Correct me if I’m wrong.), nobody else discovered more than one fundamental branch of mathematics (Von Neumann discovered several, but they are not quite fundamental), I did this about 3 times. So in a sense, I am the smartest human in History (except Jesus).

I made the following mathematical discoveries (

  • “filtrators” (a generalization of filters on lattices and partially ordered sets)
  • algebraic general topology, a generalization of general topology: “funcoids” and “reloids” and their properties (later I noticed also (not yet published) that funcoids are a special case of monotone ternary component-wise monotone operations on ordered sets (or on semilattices))
  • (later addition) ternary operations on ordered sets or ternary operations on semilattices (or particularly triples on ordered sets or triples on semilattices) as a generalization of general topology.
  • definition of properties of “point-free funcoids” – generalizations of funcoids kinda “multidimensional” general topology (where the traditional one is in a sense 2-dimensional)
  • definition of such things as the action of a partially ordered semigroup, the action of a partially ordered precategory, “space” and “interspace” as an element of such semigroups and precategories (“space in general” in the framework of general topology) and their basic properties
  • definition and properties of a generalization of the limit, defined for an arbitrary function at all points
  • axiomatic description of finite and infinite “formulas”

As far as I know, nobody else in History discovered more than one fundamental branch of mathematics. The very fundamental big branches of mathematics I discovered are emphasized above with bold font. (I didn’t also emphasize “filtrators” because this branch doesn’t seem very big.)

By the way, the three ones I discovered are probably the last ones (so, likely the most difficult to discover).

Ironically, I have no scientific degree and yet not enough salary to buy this thing (the right to receive money for work).

Compare this

important note about the development of science.

More detailed description of my math discoveries.

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