Is there a fate or not? Stupid question: no one explained to me what fate is. But stupid questions can make think and get wise answers…

Let’s put the questions in a different way: is everything predetermined? Is there a choice?

Is there a choice?

First, the question is: Is there a choice? Many say: there is no choice, because we are only an instrument in the hand of the Almighty. Fool! Who makes the choice where the cut will be? The correct answer: the choice is made by the saw, and where the saw will be, the carpenter makes a choice. We make choices in life, and what choices we make is choice made by the Almighty. But we still make our own choices! No one but the screwdriver makes a choice as to how tight the screw is. You (at least partially) decide what will happen to you.

“The Almighty decided to punish us with a hurricane” – a fool, it was the Almighty who made the choice that you would make a choice not to pay the organization to combat greenhouse gases and the climate deteriorated. But you could choose to pay. “I can’t do anything because that’s fate” – fool, did you check? You can’t do anything usually just because you decide you can’t do anything.

“God made this man poor.” It’s true: God made him poor, maybe only by your greed? And if you’re greedy now, repent.

Look at each other two fools: the modern economist and the believer:

  • Believer: It is so, because God decided so, his fate is this.
  • Economist: So according to the laws of the market. Fool “economist”: you are so poor that you are not part of the market and can not influence anything? Or what?

Both fools laugh at each other, and say the same stupid things.

And here’s another ridiculous stupidity: “this is my money and I will not give it to anyone”. Fool, read the textbook of jurisprudence: the word “mine” means “I can give to anyone.” Don’t call money yours, a dead bag of money with no choice.

Well, don’t go too far in what I said: if you’re a member of the government, you’re not an ordinary market participant and you don’t have to behave like an ordinary market participant: you’re separated from the rest of the market by your special status. Does a member of the government have a special status? Fool: the poor Perelman is more important than the rich member of the government.

Is everything predetermined?

It’s a question of physics. More precisely, this has recently become a question in physics: physicists have found a detailed answer to this question (This is a proven scientific fact, but even many well-known physicists do not yet know and continue to solve an already solved problem).

Everything is predetermined. That is, the universe has only one future.

But for a part of the universe (for example, for you) there are many options for the future: you are always “split” into parts: in one future you chose pizza, in another – shawarma, in one married – in another – no. These options for the future very quickly “diverge” (become separate, independent, that is, do not affect each other). In the future, one of future you, for example, will pass through another future you and you will not feel or notice each other: you are like to be in different worlds (for this reason this is called the “many-world interpretation of quantum mechanics”).

There are many futures. All this huge number of all our futures all real, all will happen. It turns out that we have freedom of choice: you made a choice in the past and got into the present in which you got. What you choose depends on where you are now.

If you’re going to make all the choices anyway (and you’re going to make every possible choice and get into a lot of different options for the future), why make any particular choice? Fool: the fact that you will make a lot of choices “not relevant” (that is, “off topic”), because your topic is you specific, the one you are now, and the “you are different” who is different (from another world, who made a different choice) is not in the topic (not relevant to you): because it is too difficult to think about it and if, fruitlessly trying to think about it, we can’t come to the right choices, so you’re just going to get confused. What difference does it make that in some version of the future you will make a choice to go at the red light and get to the emergency room? Your topic is to make a choice not to get into the emergency room, cut in?

And “spiritual” teachers say that the sexual partner is predetermined. Fools, in different futures you have different wives, like all the choices you make. If you asked me how to choose “fate”, I would advise you to go to a dating site and choose.

The same about the choice of work, about the choice of place of residence, etc.

Listen to wise advice, listen to the real spiritual teacher – the heavenly book the Sefira (spirit of Messiah) and make decisions. Sometimes the wrong decisions will teach you something important in the future. Do not choose death, choose life – pay the carbon accounter, pay for scientific publications, pay the teacher of truth.

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