While I was in Russia, I was called by Torah to be a missionary in an African country (the description matches Tanzania).

Now when I discovered a higher level of religion, the old religion (including Judaism and Christianity) became a silly nonsense for me. God called me to show extreme silliness of my religion: If I were not called, I would be able to go to Tanzania whenever I wish, but because I was called, I caused on myself hate of Russians (They hate missionaries much more than homosexuals or prostitutes.), hunger, and no ability to go. (I was unable to buy an air flight.) Also you did not come to my Torah-study app and I was angry on you.

So, I tried to destroy Russia by nuclear weapons using the power of prayer to flee. In the way I crashed two skyscrapers in the USA, called on mankind “coronavirus”, etc.

I also failed publication of some important scientific projects. Nobody helped me (e.g. by giving money) to re-publish my text, so making the entire civilization stuck badly. I decided that I destroyed the human civilization (I made you stupid by making your teachers stupid by incidentally stopping an important scientific research by making scientists not wanting to do research in that field.) and you probably need euthanasia.

Nobody helped me. Now I am in Israel. Israel crimes kept discriminating me keeping me in poverty, adding to sins of Russians (what effectively means that Israel is a subsidiary of Russia, not a country with an independent religion, accordingly the absolute, that is God’s, justice). In Israel there are two commandments: “Don’t hear Israel.” and “Be afraid.”

I concluded that Torah failed. Because Torah “broke”, I made the final decision to kill mankind. That time I used not prayer and telepathy, but a well-developer scientific methodology to destroy mankind with a high probability (surely >50%). So, (for a scientist of such a level as the author of Discontinuous Analysis it’s not hard to make such an invention.) I started to develop my doomsday machine. I had a complete project and it remained just a few days or weeks to make a working destruction of the life on the Earth machine and press the button.

Then I read some more scientific information and stopped my destruction project, because I doubted whether Torah failed.

I was going to spend all my money for the destruction. Now I thought: Can I do the same without money? After a few seconds I came up with a solution how to do spending about 1 Shekel.

Now the destruction project is finally canceled. I understood something very important about Elochim. So the old religions: Judaism, Christianity, etc. are no longer relevant. I have no incentive for global destruction anymore. I have a job for you, so I want to keep you alive.

How funny: a despised (Despising is defined as refusal to hear: e.g. by not allowing to publish a scientific text in a scientific index, by you refusing to give money for publication, by discrimination on opinions, etc.) by everybody hungry person decides whether you live. Despising is a global threat. One more joke: Accordingly your economists, you should not give money to others, the word “yours” means that you can give it to anyone you wish to give. Laugh, suicide person.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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