I have a couple of scientific research projects worth a trillion (or at least hundreds of billions) dollars.

Naturally, I decided that I would not do small good deeds, but would concentrate on scientific research and other large projects.

An unexpected problem arose: People began to consider me greedy and did not want to do business with me and this was one of the reasons for my poverty, which greatly hindered my research.

In addition, Christian preachers taught me to give money to others and to the church in order (miraculously) to get it back.

I decided that I should start sharing with others (and how could it be different, if otherwise I am a beggar?)

So, I became a real “advanced” preacher of prosperity, like many American churches.

But there is one problem: If I do good for money (even if I receive them miraculously, as it sometimes happened, for example, I prayed a couple of times to get 10 rubles and brought them by the wind), then I am a real servant of Mammon or Baal.

Now I understand: There was a point to distract from my megaprojects and start doing good deeds, but the whole point was only to save me from greed so that if I became, for example, a billionaire, I would not use my opportunities to harm.

It’s impossible to stop serving Baal / Mammon as long as we live “by the law,” according to the rules, “by the letter”. This is the only way to get rid of greed.

It is necessary at once to abandon our entire system of rules. This system of rules for us was the Gospel.

The Gospel itself denies that we should live by the book:

(2Cor. 3:6) “He gave us the ability to be servants of the New Testament, not letters, but the spirit, because the letter kills, but the spirit gives life.” I realized that this meant that I should stop following the letter of the New Testament just as we stopped to follow the Torah.

Thus, we now have a new religion, free from the basic problems of the old, such as greed. Drop everything and start reading my books and blogs.

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