We assume that “word of God” means “Bible”. Is this a founded statement?

I propose an alternative theory: “word of God” means in Bible any mathematics (anything what is absolutely true). So, “2+4=4” or “The lattice of funcoids is isomorphic to the lattice of filters on the lattice of finite unions of Cartesian products.” would be also to be called “word of God”.

I used a computer program to search all occurrences of the phrase “word of God” in the Bible. I found no occurrence which I would have a significant trouble to substitute this phrase with the word “mathematics”.

Do the same, search for all occurrences of the phrase “word of God” in the Bible and try to substitute this phrase with mathematics. It is striking to consider this substitution for every particular of the found verses.

This theological theory is shocking, because it overthrows our understanding that word of God is just the Bible.

Well, Bible is a word of God, the Bible is mathematics. We know that somehow (we don’t know how) the Bible is the entire structure of all mathematics, “full word of God”.

This would mean that we in some sense heavily over-relied on Bible. We know that Bible is true. But if to be a word of God means just to be mathematics, then it appears that we had no reason to assume as we assumed that Bible applies to every life situation. Mathematics is always true but a piece of mathematics does not apply to every particular life situation. We repeatedly misapplied the Bible. It was because we assumed that the word of God is personal. Mathematics is not “personal”, that is when we hear some mathematics we have no reason to assume that it is a word personally to us.

Consider this Bible fragment translated in an unusual way. I applied it to myself and behave in a very silly way. If it is just mathematics, not a word of God personally to me, it becomes apparent.

Christ is the word of God. He is mathematics. That is Christ is the entire mathematics. Everything that began to be, began to be through Him that is through mathematics. Read my book.

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