In my opinion, God does not respect sex at all.

Contrary to what you think, God does not respect marriage, women, homosexuals, and transsexuals. (Have you noticed that I enumerated the things that are most respected by people? People respect good, honesty, generosity, active position etc. much less than marriage and other forms of sex.)

So naughty God that He does not respect your holy things? Are you going to use your military airplanes against Him when He comes near?

Therefore God does not respect:

  • “Sacred” Catholic marriage.
  • Yehudi’s all-time marriages.
  • Muslim paradise.
  • Sexual orientation (including LGBT).
  • Porn and half-naked singers.
  • Russians that say “Sex is the main thing in life.”

So, I mean this: God does not respect the most respected thing of mankind, sex. Definitely, God fits into the definition of a biggot.

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