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Who is Jesus Christ? How could He be God in human form? Does the Bible oppose reincarnation? What are the great catastrophes of the apocalypse?

Whether you are a professional theologian or new Christian, these are pertinent questions for which you need answers. The comprehensive New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician examines these and other controversial topics and provides an in-depth study of Christ and the gospels. You will receive a unique understanding of the New Testament and learn startling truths about Christ, His deity, and life on the earth that will change your life forever.

Written by an astounding mathematician, this commentary exposes previously unrevealed truths, which distinctly originate from God and reveal Christ. Such revelations are learned only through a thorough study of God’s Word, which is 100% true. Supported fully by Scripture, the author uses the abstract science of number, quantity, and space to solve a fundamental theological problem of Christ’s nature and how He could be God incarnate.

You will also discover:

  • Christ is electromagnetic radiation
  • How Christ is the mind of God
  • The connection between Mathematics, Christ, and Christianity
  • The truth about Revelation Chapter 8 and the comet that falls to the earth
  • What the Bible says about the concept of reincarnation
  • How to interpret the Bible correctly and then write your own sermons and books

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