I am a mathematician. I am also a charismatic believer.

I realized that in heart I doubted: Isn’t receiving help from God in solving a math problem “cheating”? Doesn’t it mean that I only pretend that I solved it myself?

After all, why algebra and calculus books don’t fall from the heaven?

I realized that God wants to cure us from sin and gives anointment of Holy Spirit for this.

We probably should not ask God that a paper book (or flash card 🙂 ) with solution of our particular problem fall from the heaven. It is probably because this won’t help to completely heal us from sin, what God is going to do.

But anointment is different: (John 3:34) “… God gives the Spirit without measure.” This means that anointment should not be limited. We need to get as much Holy Spirit as we can. This can help solving a particular problem and this is not cheating.

After all, if not a wonder of Holy Spirit, I would now lie in a psychiatric hospital not remembering my name, as I had very serious schizophrenia which God healed in one moment when I accepted Christ. If this would be cheating then I would honestly not solved any math problems anymore, because I forgot how to read and count.

If you want to solve a hard math problem, pray to God to give as much anointment as possible, to solve this particular problem as easy as possible and to step further into complete dealing away with sin.

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