We are all sick. Sin is a very serious disease everybody of us sick with.

Sinners do not only lack proper connection with God, but also are unable to calculate like computers in their brains (as Adam before the Fall was able). Also sinners are liable to irrational thinking. Thus sinners work inefficiently, unlike sinless creatures.

What Holy Spirit does for us? He serves as a prosthesis. He advices and directs us how to work efficiently (for example, in earning money).

The system consisting of a sinner filled with Spirit and Holy Spirit is what is called a “blessing”, that is a man or woman working more efficiently despite of his or her lack of computing power.

Note that we should not be proud of having a prosthesis. Suppose somebody in the world would be proud of having no legs and leg prosthesis. This would be silly. In the same way it is silly to be proud of having Holy Spirit.

This will continue to develop and in the future little God’s children will exceed angels, because Holy Spirit exceeds angels and he will prevail over our sinful nature. He will no longer need to serve as a prosthesis but he will not leave us after full healing from sin.

You can read in my book how I was transformed into a sinless computer for about a month. This is the future of all of us.

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