I have added an interpretation of 1Tim. 1:1 and Rom. 8:24 to God compared with a civilization theological article (see chapter 10).

I state that Christ is hope/dream and that our salvation consists of dreams.

Read more in the article.

(1Tim. 1:1) “… Christ Jesus our hope”. I would translate instead “… Christ Jesus our dream”.

What is a dream? It is the best we can imagine of. So Christ Jesus is the best we can imagine of.

This is twofold:

  1. First this means that Christ is good and nothing we imagine can be better than Him.
  2. Second this means, that our common imagination is good enough to attain Christ.

Also: (Rom. 8:24) “… we were saved in hope …” or “… we were saved in dream …”. It means that our salvation consists of dreams (like as a table consists of atoms). It also means that our dream (the best we can hope for) is exactly what we will become when our salvation is accomplished. We will be exactly what we hope to be.

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