It looks like that Bible contradicts itself on whether Christians (I mean true Christians) are sinful or sinless:

(1Jn. 3:8-9) “8 He that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 9 Whoever is born of God does not commit sin; for his seed remains in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.”

(Jam. 3:2) “For in many things we all stumble …”

My theory on this:

All others except of evangelical Christians are unconditional sinners.

Devil has damaged our software that we cannot behave right.

This is often manifested in theft, adultery, homosexuality, telling lies, etc. You know it. For example I was a maniacal killer before I became a Christian.

We are saved in the sense that we have new errorless software from God.

But this new software also requires much more powerful computer than our brain to function properly. In the brain the software much lags and thus behaves wrong.

When we die, our mind is transferred to a more powerful computer and begins to work without bugs:

(Rom. 6:7) “For he that is dead is freed from sin.”

The difference between Christians and non-Christians is whether our software is already ready to work bug free (and develop infinitely) provided it is transferred to a powerful enough computer.

The installation of new software happens when we accept that Jesus Christ died and resurrected for us to enable us to install this new software (as Bible calls it “incorruptible seed of God”). If you haven’t yet accepted the new software call God to free you from sin and install on you this new software, based only on the sacrifice of Jesus and your new faith. It is called “to be born again” in Bible.

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